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Wireless Lighting Controls for Commercial Buildings, Explained

Did you know that the lighting manufacturer industry reached $1.7 billion in 2022? Commercial-connected lighting systems have long promised to give facility managers cutting-edge lighting controls. These controls result in significant energy savings. They also help improve occupant experience, unlocking the full value of a building. Lighting infrastructure creates a platform for enhanced building services. Are you interested…

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News: LITELUME & Autani Team Up to Deliver Smart Building Controls!

In a world of always-on smart technologies, commercial properties are no exception to the opportunity of improving efficiencies and saving money through the implementation of innovative smart lighting technologies. With these smart lighting solutions now available, LITELUME, a leading, US-based manufacturer of LED lighting solutions, has partnered up with Autani to expand its smart building…

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LED Lighting Controls For Commercial and Industrial Projects

Designing any commercial or industrial building means you’re in charge of a lot of different design elements. It’s up to you to consider the functionality of the space throughout the entire design plan. From the materials you use to the lighting fixtures installed, every detail is critical. To truly optimize an industrial facility, warehouse, or other commercial…

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Why Smart Building Controls Are Smart for Business

As a society, we are getting deeper and deeper into the age of “smart” technologies. It’s reported that 85% of Americans own two or more smart devices. However, these smart building controls are even more meaningful when used in a business setting. Here, they have the potential to cut costs while improving public perception. So, how does…

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Your Guide to UL Listed Lights: What They Are & Why They Matter

Whenever consumers buy a product, they like to see a certain logo or seal of approval that shows that the product has passed rigorous testing and meets high standards. However, many people don’t know what these logos and seals actually mean, and many brands aren’t even sure if they need the certifications, as the process can…

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How the DOE’s New Lighting Standards Will Affect Utility Programs

In April 2022, the United States Department of Energy (DOE) implemented two new rules that regulate and standardize light bulbs. In DOE parlance, light bulbs are called “general service lamps,” or GSLs. The new rules have been praised as a step towards a greener future. Environmental non-profits celebrated how the new standards are projected to cut…

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What Are Bluetooth Mesh Lighting Networks?

LEDs (light emitting diodes) have increasingly become one of the most popular lighting solutions. Data compiled in recent years demonstrates that these lights are more efficient than their traditional fluorescent counterparts. Light-emitting diodes come in all shapes and sizes, with seemingly everyone now having a bulb or two in their home. Many companies hope to increase the…

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The LED Flood Lights Buying Guide for 2022

There is increasing consumer demand for energy-efficient lighting systems around the world. This demand is driving the popularity of LED lighting indoors and out. Traditional outdoor lighting systems are seen as outdated, inefficient, and pricey, so people are turning to LED flood lights. These are fast becoming everyone’s choice in outdoor lighting for various reasons. If you’re a…

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What Are Wall Pack Lights and Where Are They Used?

By 2024 the LED lighting market is estimated to be worth roughly $112 billion. With such a rapidly growing market, how efficient are exterior lights? Many people are unfamiliar with the term ‘wall pack lights‘ and some people have never heard of them before. If you haven’t then don’t worry because in a moment we’re going to cover…

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green ceiling exit sign for stairwell

A Complete Buyer’s Guide to Exit Sign Lighting

A majority of buildings today use incandescent or fluorescent exit sign lighting. Incandescent signs consume a whopping 40 watts and Fluorescent lights a sizeable 16 watts. This is more than some common household appliances such as refrigerators, printers, laptops, and mid-sized TVs. As you can see, these exit sign lights are energy demanding and this, in turn,…

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emergency sign light indoors

What is Emergency Lighting? A Complete Guide for Commercial Lighting

It’s clear that climate change has reached a point where it can affect people’s daily lives. It has affected society by the increasing number of power outages from coast to coast. In fact, emergency lighting has become a critical safety feature for many. The power outages from increasingly severe winters and summer storms mean it may be…

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LED exit emergency light combo fixture

What Is an LED Exit Emergency Light Combo Light Fixture?

You’ve seen them so often that you probably don’t notice them. After all, what are the chances you’ll ever need to see them? And yet, exit signs play a vital role for all sorts of buildings. Although we rarely think about it, emergencies can strike at any moment. In those situations, you must know how to exit…

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before and after retrofit kit to LED street lights

Old to New – Retrofitting Light Fixtures to LED

Retro-fitting technologies have provided end users with an ability to update their lighting in a predictable manner. When it comes to high-quality wattage lumen for standard outdoor, post-top lights, warehouse high bay, commercial and industrial lighting, metal halide has long been in use for decades. But recently, as new technologies emerge, LED invention is fast…

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Flat Panel Lighting - Commercial Applications

Flat Panel Lighting – Commercial Applications

Want to increase and upgrade your company’s lighting? Light an office, retail room, cellar, or garage? Save some money? Save some money? Remove these luminous substances? Then you do not need to search any farther than flat LED panels since, because of their longevities, costs savings, superior appearance, they are a fantastic alternative for your…

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Getting Started with LED Retrofit Lighting Kits

Getting Started with LED Retrofit Lighting Kits

Retrofitting is the process of enhancing old technology or features of an already laid downlighting system to increase efficiency and operation while saving money. In this article, we’ll layout some of the most frequently asked questions we receive from our commercial and residentially-focused customers. What is an LED retrofit kit? A retrofit kit is a…

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High Bay vs Low Bay Light Fixtures: What's the Difference?

High Bay vs Low Bay Light Fixtures: What’s the Difference?

Commercial lighting is a growing market worth over $8.2 billion. Large commercial buildings, warehouses, industrial plants and their high ceilings require a specialized lighting setup to provide enough illumination. This sparks the following common question: High Bay vs Low Bay Light Fixtures: What’s the Difference? LED lights are now the preferred alternative to fluorescent lamps, but they…

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How to Install New Landscape Lighting

Arguably, the top priority on almost every homeowner’s mind is increasing the beauty of our home’s architectural style, and ultimately, its curb appeal. We want to get both the interiors and exteriors glowing  the gardens, yards, and the overall outdoor environment, all looking great. One of the ways to achieve this is getting your lighting…

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Bathroom Vanity Light Buyer’s Guide 2021

Are you looking to give your customers the best vanity lights for bathrooms? Or maybe you’re looking for vanity lights for DIY projects. If so, you’ve come to the right place. Choosing lighting for your projects can be difficult, especially with all of the different options. If you’re are struggling with choosing the best vanity…

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What are Retrofit Light Fixtures?

Retrofitting is the process of enhancing old technology or features of an already laid downlighting system to increase efficiency and operation while saving money. In this article/FAQ, we will dive into the most common questions we receive regarding outdoor and indoor retrofit kits. What is an LED retrofit kit? A retrofit kit is a kit…

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7 Smart LED Parking Garage Light Fixtures

A light just went on in your head.  Installing LED lights saves the environment and saves you money. LEDs last 25 times longer than incandescent bulbs, allowing businesses to save thousands of dollars every year. By 2027, the widespread use of LEDs can help the country save more than $30 billion dollars in electricity bills.  Many people…

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Beautiful Bathroom interior design

How To Determine Bathroom Vanity Light Sizes

The average person spends around 30 minutes each morning getting ready for the day, making adequate lighting in the bathroom essential. There’s nothing more frustrating than squinting while you’re attempting to apply mascara or fix your hair because you don’t have enough lighting above your vanity. Get your morning off to the right start with a properly-lit bathroom.…

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LiteLume Launches New Website!

LITELUME CORPORATION is excited to announce the launch of its new website! This is another step to help bring all the resources our customers need to be fully informed not only our products but news in the industry. We are continuing to help our partners succeed in their respective businesses. LITELUME’s new website provides the…

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