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RCTF-44" LED Architectural Recessed Can Kit (Trim & Frame In Kit)

RCTF-66" LED Architectural Recessed Can Kit (Trim & Frame In Kit)

LL-CT141640W Grow Light

RCTF-88" LED Architectural Recessed Can Kit (Trim & Frame In Kit)

LL-LEDCXTEUAll LED Exit & Emergency Combo

LL-CLPUAll Led Exit & Emergency Lightpipe Thermoplastic Combo

LL-INDCWLEZUAll LED NEMA4X/NSF Exit & Emergency Combo

LL-RMCLPUAll LED Running Man Sign & Emergency Lightpipe Thermoplastic Combo

LL-APGLAll Purpose Grow Light

LL-APLHLAll Purpose Luminaire - Hazardous Location

LL-ALAEPTSAmberlume Series Architectural Enclosed Post Top Small

LL-ALALAmberlume Series Area Light

LL-ALBSFTAmberlume Series Bollard Square Flat Top

LL-ALCSLPAmberlume Series Canopy Square Low Profile

LL-ALWPMFCAmberlume Series Wall Pack Medium Full Cutoff

LL-ALWPSFCAmberlume Series Wall Pack Small Full Cutoff

ASTM-AAnchor Base

LL-ARCLArchitectural Round Canopy Large

LL-ARCSArchitectural Round Canopy Small

LL-AFArea Flood Yoke Mount

LL-ALAPArea Light All Purpose

LL-ALSLArea Light Slim Series

LL-BLPECOBack Lit Panel Econolume Series

LL-BSEPBay Square Explosion Proof

MS20Bi-level PIR Motion Sensor 20

MS33Bi-level PIR Motion Sensor 33


Spec Sheets


Spec Sheets

LL-BL360Bollard Luminaire 360

LL-BRSABBrackets, Tenons, Spoke Arms and Bullhorns


Spec Sheets

LL-BRGFBulkhead Round Grid Frame

LL-BRHCBulkhead Round Half Cutoff

LL-BROFBulkhead Round Open Frame

LL-BSGFBulkhead Square Grid Frame

LL-BSHCBulkhead Square Half Cutoff

LL-BSOFBulkhead Square Open Frame

LL-CECOCeiling Econolume Series

LL-CLACeiling Lite Air

LL-CMCeiling Modern

LL-CNCeiling Now

LL-CRLCeiling Ring Light

LL-CRGCeiling Round Glo

LL-CALEDCXTEUChicago Approved All Led Exit/Stair Sign & Emergency Steel Combo (LL-CALEDCXTEU)

LL-CAELXTEChicago Approved Edgelit Aluminum Exit/Stair Sign

LL-CARELZXTEChicago Approved Recessed Edgelit Aluminum Exit/Stairs Signs

LL-CAXTEChicago Approved Steel Exit/Stair Sign

LL-CTZCClone Light - Multi-White Daylight Analog - 660W

LL-EZRXTEUCompact Thermoplastic Exit Sign

LL-WLEZXTEUCompact Wet Location Polycarbonate Exit Sign

LL-BLEDEM-CCConstant-Current Emergency LED Driver

LL-BLEDEM-CPConstant-Power Emergency LED Driver

LL-ACRCross Arm Bracket


Spec Sheets

LL-KXTEUDie-Cast Aluminum Exit Sign

LL-DEDirect Embed

LL-DDHPDusk to Dawn High Power

LL-DDLPDusk to Dawn Low Power

LL-ELXTEUEdgelit Aluminum Exit Sign (LL-ELXTEU)

LL-PLELRXTEUEdgelit Thermoplastic Exit Sign

LL-BLEDEM-BP-DM-20Emergency Driver For LED Lamps (With Internal/External Driver)

LL-MPSEmergency Micro Power System

LL-LPSEmergency Power System (LL-LPS)

LL-LPS750Emergency Power System (LL-LPS750)

LL-SPSEmergency Power System (LL-SPS)

LL-AEPTSEnclosed LED Architectural Post Top - Small

LL-FL-135200Floodlight 135/200W

LL-FL-1527Floodlight 15/27W

LL-FL-4560Floodlight 45/60W

LL-FL-70-100Floodlight 70/100W

LL-FLAPFloodlight All Purpose

LL-FL-ELDSFloodlight Extra Large Double Size

LL-FLMFloodlight Medium

LL-FLSFloodlight Small


Spec Sheets


Spec Sheets

GCLPGarage Canopy Low Profile

LL-HLWLEZUHazardous Location Exit Sign

LL-FLHLHazardous Location Flood Light

LL-HBDPHigh Bay Double Power

LL-HBLAPHigh Bay Linear All Purpose

LL-HBLECOHigh Bay Linear Econolume Series

LL-HBLFBHigh Bay Linear Full Body

LL-HBLHLHigh Bay Linear High Lumen

HBRHigh Bay Round

LL-HBRDHTHigh Bay Round Double High Temperature Series

HBRHPHigh Bay Round High Power

LL-HBRHTHigh Bay Round High Temperature Series

HBRPHigh Bay Round Premium

HBRUHigh Bay Round UFO

LL-HBRUECOHigh Bay Round UFO Econolume Series

LL-HBRUEPHigh Bay Round UFO Explosion Proof

LL-HBLPHighbay Linear Premium Series

MC031VIP65 Rated Microwave Motion

LL-JJEPJelly Jar Explosion Proof

LL-LEDR2LED Adjustable Optics Thermoplastic Emergency Unit

LL-AOSLPTLED Architectural Open Square Large Post Top

LL-ALPHLLED Area Light Premium, High Lumen

LL-CHDLED Canopy Light - Heavy Duty

LL-CVTRKLED Center Basket Volumetric Troffer Retrofit Kit

LL-CVTECOLED Center Volumetric Troffer Econolume Series

LL-CAEMLED Chicago Approved Steel Emergency Unit

LL-DEMLED Decorative Emergency Unit

LL-DBELACEMHLLED Decorative Outdoor Die-Cast AC/Emergency Unit

LL-DLDLED Downlight Disk

LL-CXTEULED Exit & Incandescent Emergency Thermoplastic Combo

LL-CKXTEULED Exit & Incandescent Emergency Thermoplastic Combo

LL-FLEDR2LED Fixed Optics Thermoplastic Emergency Unit

LL-E1LED Fixed Optics Thermoplastic Emergency Unit

LL-CTT5LED Grow Light - Multi-White Daylight Analog - 660W

LL-LEDRX5HLLED High Lumen Thermoplastic Emergency Unit (LL-LEDRX5HL)

LL-LEDSDXR627LED High Lumen Thermoplastic Emergency Unit (LL-LEDSDXR627)

LL-HPEMLED High Performance Emergency Thermoplastic Unit

LL-RHLEDLED Indoor Thermoplastic Remote Head

LL-L2EPLED Linear 2 Explosion Proof

LL-L4EPLED Linear 4 Explosion Proof

LL-FL56LED Linear Wall Wash (LL–FL56)


LL-PTALED Post Top Acorn

LL-PTALLLED Post Top Area Light Large

LL-PTALMLED Post Top Area Light Medium

LL-PTALSLED Post Top Area Light Small

LL-PTFRLED Post Top Flat Round

LL-PTLLED Post Top Luminaire

LL-FL39LED Projector Floodlight (FL39)

LL-RCSRLED Recessed Canopy Soffit Replacement

LL-REMLED Recessed Emergency Unit

LL-LEDR7LED Recessed Steel Emergency Unit

LL-EMLED Reduced Profile Thermoplastic Emergency Unit

LL-LEDR5HOLED Remote Capable Thermoplastic Emergency Unit

LL-BBGLED Residential Grow Luminaires

LL-SBMLED Sconce Block Mood

LL-SMJLED Sconce Marina Jar

LL-SPELED Sconce Prosper Elite

LL-SPE-EMLED Sconce Prosper Elite (Emergency Model)

LL-SSLLED Sconce Super Low

LL-STFLED Sconce Thin Flat

LL-SWFLED Sconce Wall Facade

LL-SWF-EMLED Sconce Wall Facade (Emergency Model)

LL-SPLED Slimpack


LL-SLELED Sports Lighter Elite

LL-SLPLED Sports Lighter Premium

LL-SL4LED Strip Luminaire 4'

LL-SL8LED Strip Luminaire 8"

LL-LEDR1LED Thermoplastic Emergency Unit

LL-VRRLPLED Vandal Resistant Round Low Profile

LL-VRSLLPLED Vandal Resistant Square Large Low Profile

LL-VRSMLPLED Vandal Resistant Square Medium Low Profile

LL-VBALED Vanity Box Antique

LL-VE2LED Vanity Eve Series

LL-VM2LED Vanity Marina Series

LL-VO2LED Vanity Opal

LL-VSMLED Vanity Simple Mini

LL-VV3LED Vanity Vintage 3 Series

LL-VTLED Vaportite Adjustalume Series

LL-WML12HLLED Wall Mount Linear 12" Hazardous Location

LL-WMLLED Wall Mount Luminaire

LL-WMCDLED Wall Mounted Cylinder Downlight

LL-WMCUDLED Wall Mounted Cylinder Uplight Downlight

LL-WMSQDLED Wall Mounted Square Downlight

LL-WMSQUDLED Wall Mounted Square Uplight Downlight

LL-WPALED Wallpack Adjustable

LL-WPLED Wallpack All Purpose Series

LL-WPLLED Wallpack Large

LL-WPLFCLED Wallpack Large Full Cutoff

LL-WPMLED Wallpack Medium

LL-LEDTFXLED Wet Location Remote Capable Polycarbonate Emergency Unit

LL-WANLED Wrap Around Narrow

LL-WAPRLED Wrap Around Premium

LL-LH2HL-LL-LH4HLLinear H2/H4 Hazardous Location

LL-LHRA-DPLinear Half Round Architectural Dual-Perforated

LL-LHRA-FPLinear Half Round Architectural Full-Perforated


Spec Sheets


Spec Sheets

LL-LCTXTEULow Level All LED Exit & Emergency Thermoplastic Combo

LL-CEULow Profile All LED Exit & Emergency Thermoplastic Combo

ODSMicrowave Motion Sensor (ODS)


Spec Sheets


Spec Sheets


LL-NYKXTEUNew York City Compliant Die-Cast Aluminum Exit Sign

LL-NYELXTEUNew York City Compliant Edgelit Aluminum Exit Sign

LL-CNYXTENew York City Compliant LED Exit & Incandescent Emergency Steel Combo

LL-NYXTEUNew York City Compliant Steel Exit Sign

LL-NYRELZXTENew York Compliant Recessed Edgelit Aluminum Exit Signs

OSPassive Infrared Motion Sensor (OS)

LL-PSAPendant Series A

MSPPlug and Play Bi-Level Microwave Motion Sensor

LL-PTLSPost Top Lantern Small

LL-PTRPPost Top Round Premium

LL-RDL4Recessed 4" Down Light

LL-RDL6Recessed 6" Down Light

LL-RDL8Recessed 8" Down Light

LL-RDL9-5Recessed 9.5" Down Light

LL-RELZXTERecessed Edgelit Aluminum Exit Signs

LL-CEMReduced Profile All LED Exit & Emergency Thermoplastic Combo

LL-EZXTEURCRemote Capable LED Exit Sign

LL-RKLRetrofit Kit Large


Spec Sheets

Installation Guide

IES Files

LL-RSTA-2180-238-XXRound Steel Tenon Arm "Bull Horn" For Mounting 2 @ 180 Degrees

LL-RSTA-3120-238-XXRound Steel Tenon Arm "Bull Horn" For Mounting 3 @ 120 Degrees

LL-RSTA-3180-238-XXRound Steel Tenon Arm "Bull Horn" For Mounting 3 @ 180 Degrees

LL-RSTA-4180-238-XXRound Steel Tenon Arm "Bull Horn" For Mounting 4 @ 180 Degrees

LL-RSTA-490-238-XXRound Steel Tenon Arm "Bull Horn" For Mounting 4 @ 90 Degrees

LL-RSA-PoleRound Straight Aluminum Pole

LL-RSS-PoleRound Straight Steel Pole

LL-RTSDERound Tapered Steel Direct Embed

LL-RTSRound Tapered Steel Pole

LL-SBCSmart Building Controls

LL-SCLPSquare Canopy Low Profile

LL-SSA-PoleSquare Straight Aluminum Pole

LL-SSS-PoleSquare Straight Steel Pole

LL-SXTEUSteel Exit Sign

LL-SLStrip Luminaire Adjustalume Series

LL-SML12HLSurface Mount Linear 12" Hazardous Location

LL-SML24HLSurface Mount Linear 24" Hazardous Location

LL-SML48HLSurface Mount Linear 48" Hazardous Location

LL-EZXTEUThermoplastic Exit Sign

LL-CTXTEUThin All LED Exit & Emergency Thermoplastic Combo

LL-KZXTEUThin Die-Cast Aluminum Exit Sign

LL-ETXTEUThin Thermoplastic Exit Sign

LL-TRSTroffer Retrofit Strip

LL-VSVandal Shields

LL-VEPVanity Elite Premium

LL-VMOVanity Modern Open

LL-CTZVVeg Light - Multi-White Daylight Analog - 660W

LL-WPHRWall Pack Half Round

LL-WPHRUDWall Pack Half Round Up/Down

LL-WPQSWall Pack Quarter Sphere

LL-WPSLWall Pack Slim

LL-WPMFCWallpack Medium Full Cutoff

FSP-211Wattstopper FSP-211

469795473Wattstopper FSP-211B

HBP-111Wattstopper HBP-111

628476713Wattstopper NWTL-111

LL-CWLEZXTEUWet Location All Led Exit & Emergency Polycarbonate Combo

LL-CWLXTEWet Location LED Exit Sign & Incandescent Emergency

LL-WLXTEWet Location Polycarbonate Exit Sign

LL-ZBZBloom 660W

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