Lite Lume Coporation is an American based manufacturer of commercial/industrial LED lighting fixtures. We provide a high quality and diverse product offering while offering unmatched customer service. With over 25 years of experience in the LED lighting industry, the partners at Lite Lume Corporation continuously strive to be on the forefront of new technology. We constantly work to represent our core values of integrity, honesty, and dedication in everything we do at Lite Lume Corporation.

We Specialize in Commercial and Industrial Products

Our Promise

You work hard so we want to make getting great lighting easy. With our high-quality U.S. manufactured products, pricing, customer service, and short-lead times we deliver the solutions you need for success.

Customer Service

Our on-going goal is to deliver unrivaled customer service. Our team is trained to support you through the sales journey with competitive pricing, a wide range of stocked 5000K and 4000K products, and short lead times.

We are committed improving your experience, so if you have feedback to help us, please let us know.


  • High-quality Indoor LED Products
  • 100,000 Rated Hours
  • 10-Year Warranty
  • DLC & UL Qualified
  • “Buy America Act Compliant” Products Available
  • A Wide Range of Styles and Sizes
  • 5000K, 4000K Always “In-stock”
  • Short Lead Times
  • Protective Coating for Enhanced Durability
  • Custom Color Options Available
  • Optional Remote Controls, Photocells, and Motion Sensors Available