We Make Facility Management Easy

Autani is the leader in IoT and wireless control systems. Pairing LITELUME LED fixtures with Autani sensors can help your facility achieve over 70% energy savings, while offering a full smart building solution. We can install the sensors into our fixtures so you don’t have to pay for any additional labor.

We only partner with the best of the best— And that’s why we’re with Autani.

Autani is an open platform that can integrate with multiple systems such as lighting, HVAC, refrigeration, energy metering, leak detection and more.

Advanced Capabilities

People Counting & Locating

Analyze Traffic Flow

Asset Management

Advanced Analytics

Space Utilization


Not Ready for IoT?

Start with standalone controls and upgrade later via a quick and easy software update— Only if you want to!

Scalable To Fit Your Needs

Whichever tier of product you decide on, you will be outfitting your facility with a truly future-proofed solution complete with a powerful upgrade path available when needed.

Right Choice = Smart Choice

Autani is the only control system on the market that can provide all of these features AND control your lighting.

Compared to other brands, none of them can bring these features and integration opportunities.

Want To Learn More?

Our expert design and technical specialist can assist you on every aspect of your lighting project. We work directly with the people at Autani and can arrange a webinar for you and your team.

Having Autani sensors factory installed in LITELUME fixtures will reduce total labor costs and garner you additional savings. We can also ship sensors loose if desired.

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