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Our design services will help you plan new or replacement lighting in offices, warehouses, retail stores, parking garages and several other spaces. We help you to figure out what types of lights to use, where to locate them and what level of smart building controls you should use.

Our lighting experts can assist you with a complimentary photometric layout using industry leading AGI32 software so that your project achieves your desired results.

Fast Service Guaranteed

In order to expedite our services, we’ll need as many details as possible upfront about your project— such as dimensions, desired light levels, mounting height, and existing fixture data. We will provide a comprehensive photometric layout that best compliments your project requirements.

Here are some common questions that will help speed up the process:

·     What type of application is it?

·     Are drawings available in CADD or PDF format?

·     Are we matching an existing lighting layout or is it a new design?

·     What are the areas to be illuminated?

·     Is there a desired illuminance target or follow IES guidelines?

·     Are controls to be included?

·     Are IoT controls desired?

Our Goal

We will provide you with a lighting and controls layout with budget pricing for your review and approval.

Our goal is to provide you with a budget minded solution that will last you well into the future.