News: LITELUME & Autani Team Up to Deliver Smart Building Controls!

In a world of always-on smart technologies, commercial properties are no exception to the opportunity of improving efficiencies and saving money through the implementation of innovative smart lighting technologies.

With these smart lighting solutions now available, LITELUME, a leading, US-based manufacturer of LED lighting solutions, has partnered up with Autani to expand its smart building and lighting control offerings.

Who is Autani?

Founded in 2006 in Columbia, Maryland, Autani is a US-based building technology company that specializes in utilizing the power of the Internet of Things to create Smart Buildings. Autani was founded by mechanical and software engineers, which means being able to provide custom insights or capabilities that are tailored for each client and industry. Each advanced capability can be used to solve a specific issue beyond what they were intended for.

Autani designs, builds and manufactures lighting, HVAC and Internet of Things (IoT) sensor platforms for almost any size and type of facility. Autani prides themselves on creating systems that are innovative and powerful but, most importantly, easy to use, install and manage.

Autani’s Smart Business Solutions

Autani is designed to scale easily, without having to replace equipment. This offers a wide variety of smart building controls to best suit the demands of each unique building or office space.

Autani offers three upgradeable tiers of lighting control: Lite, Linked and Insights. See below how each tier adds functionality.

Tier 1: Standalone Controls (Lite)

Standalone room-based lighting control solutions that can be configured to different profiles, utilize daylight harvesting, and task tuned to optimize occupant comfort and energy efficiency. Autani Lite is also easy to install, affordable, and able to meet some connected lighting specifications through our specialized scheduled lighting switch.

Autani Lite is an intuitive and flexible way to provide pleasing, responsive light levels in the workplace and improve incentive eligibility.  Unlike many IoT solutions, Autani Lite is designed to scale up to connected lighting or even IoT without having to change hardware. Autani Linked is available for field installations or for ease of installation integrated into new light fixtures and retrofits from our partners like LITELUME.

Tier 2: Networked Controls (Linked)

Autani Linked is a connected lighting control solution that has all the features of Autani Lite and more.  We utilizes our powerful Autani Energy Center platform to promote energy saving and meter and monitor nodes within the buildings. Our innovative platform integrates any combination of lighting, metering, HVAC / environmental, refrigeration, and sensor applications into a single management platform.

Autani Linked delivers an easy-to-use web-based interface that provides local or remote access for programming, monitoring, and controlling energy consumption with a single building or across an entire portfolio. Autani Linked is available for field installations or for ease of installation integrated into new light fixtures and retrofit

Tier 3: Spacial Analytics (Insights)

Autani Insights enables a user to drill-down rapidly into lighting, HVAC, and sensor data by visually refining a series of increasingly detailed filters until the exact data needed appears on the screen. These results can used for immediate system insights or can be published into dynamic dashboards that allow comparisons between facilities, different lighting types, as well as energy costs. Autani Insights is built upon standardized, open-sourced platforms that empower customers to take full control of their building data, including exporting that data into their system of choice.

Features & Capabilities

1.) Asset Tracking

Saving money begins with mitigating losses. With Autani’s asset tracking capabilities, institutions will be able to oversee and manage their assets like never before.

College library staff often have issues with students walking off with school laptops and not returning them. With Autani, each asset can be tagged so security and staff will be alerted whenever an item leaves its designated area.

2.) Security Integration

Autani has the ability to work with the other features to activate the existing security system and cameras. For example, if any of those tagged items left the building, the tag could alert the cameras to record so we can see who it was and when it was taken.

3.) People Locating

During an emergency, every minute matters. With Autani, their smart building solutions can help direct first responders track and locate missing people inside and outside of  building to make sure everyone is safe and accounted for.

4.) Space Utilization

Autani’s space utilization feature can building owners with data and analytics of which areas of a building are being used and which are not. When deciding whether to move a company into a larger office space, business leaders can observe which spaces could be repurposed and potentially avoid increasing overhead costs without knowing how much space they actually utilize.

Get Started Today: Smart Building Lighting Controls

By combining LITELUME’s LED fixtures with Autani’s smart business controls, our lighting solutions for commercial properties are smarter than ever.

Before your next project, contact LITELUME today to learn more about how installing Autani during an LED or smart upgrade is an opportunity to future-proof commercial properties for decades to come.

To get started, contact us for a consultation or call us at (833) 533-5863 and we will help map out a smart lighting layout designed for your next project.

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