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Passive Infrared Motion Sensor

Passive Infrared Technology: Motion sensor switch provides hands-free operation by detecting a change in temperature. Turn lights ON in response to the heat generated energy (when a person enters a room) and OFF when rooms are unoccupied. The occupancy sensor is designed to mount directly onto a luminaire and is ideal for high mounted areas such as manufacturing facilities, warehouses, and all other high ceiling applications. Detects changes in the infrared energy given off by occupants as they move within the field-of-view. When occupancy is detected, a self contained relay switched the connected lighting load on. The occupancy sensor is line powered and can switch line voltage. An internal timer, factory set at 15 seconds, keeps the lights o during brief periods of inactivity. The best coverage area is between 15ft to 30ft mounting heights. 15ft to 20ft radial coverage overlaps are lit by a typical high bay fixture. The time delay adjustment controls the amount of time the lights stay ON after the last detected motion. Time delay can be adjusted from 15 seconds up to 30 minutes (factory time delay set at 15 seconds). To decrease PIR detection range and sensitivity, rotate the know counter clockwise. The detection range can be adjusted from 100% down to 30%.
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