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What are Power and CCT Adjustable Area Light Fixtures & How do They Work?

Outdoor area lights have increased in popularity and usage in the past two decades. Their purpose is to help illuminate broad areas where people will spend time, such as the backyard. They provide you, your family, and your friends with a more enjoyable outdoor experience at night or during the day.

If you’re a homeowner, it’s also essential that you have good outdoor area lights because they can increase the value of your home! In addition, gathering places make homes more appealing, even more so if it is well lit and comfortable.

Check out the benefits and types of outdoor area lights listed below.

What Is CCT?

There are various types of outdoor lighting, but before you start pricing items, it’s wise to understand what kinds of lights exist. CCT lights, or Correlated Color Temperature, is essentially a gauge of how yellow or blue the color of light emitted from a bulb appears. These lights measure in Kelvin units, and most CCT lights can be between 2,200 and 5,600 Kelvin degrees.

We use light sources like these every day without realizing it! Incandescent light bulbs have a low color temperature sitting around 2,000 Kelvin degrees. That number means this bulb put out more red, yellow, and orange range of colors. Most “warm light sources” put off this average amount of Kelvin degrees.

The cooler light sources like fluorescent lighting emit crisp whites, blues, and greens. These CCT lights run at a higher color temperature, averaging 4,000 Kelvin degrees. These lights are the most popular choice if you want efficient lighting sources for your outdoor area.

CCT Adjustable Products

When looking to install outdoor lights, it’s also good to consider if these CCT lights are adjustable. There are two versions of adjustable lights. The first adjustable product is the “contractor select”. The contractor will select the appropriate color temperature when installing the unit. After that point, you can not adjust the temperature.

The other option for CCT adjustable lights is “user select” CCT. This type of light allows the homeowner to adjust the temperature of the lighting whenever they need an adjustment. If you decide on “user select” lighting, how you would change them can vary from different brands and styles. In most instances, these CCT lights will have a remote or app so that you can adjust the hues.

Power Adjustable Products

We’ve discussed what it means to adjust the color temperature, but outdoor lighting options will allow you to change the power. Consider the reasons that adjusting power would benefit you, the homeowner. First, altering the amount of power used can significantly improve your energy savings.

With the ability to adjust the amount of light emitted, your bulbs will last longer, especially if they regularly stay at a lower setting. In addition, the selectable settings on these lights make them an ideal choice for your outdoor area. Adjusting the power will also give you the ability to control the look and feel of any space.

LITELUME offers Power (Wattage) and CCT (Kelvin) adjustable area lights that provide utility like no other area light on the market. Contact us today to learn more about our adjustable products!

What’s the Technology Behind This Lighting?

The bulbs used in both selectable lighting types above are great options to consider for your outdoor area lights. But, how in the world do they work? The answer depends solely on the kind of light bulb used.

LED Lights

LED means “Light Emitting Diode.” This bulb type produces light by passing the electric current through the (semiconductor) diode, emitting the light. Think of it like this; the bulb has two sides. One side charges electrons, and the other side wants those charge electrons. So, the electrons will bounce back and forth between the sides, which creates light!

Incandescent Lights

Incandescent lighting is the typical bulb used in lamps and other small appliances. These bulbs have a small wire of filament in the center. The wire’s electrical resistance causes it to get so hot it glows. LED lights do not rely on heat to illuminate, which means it runs cooler and it’s much more energy-efficient than its counterpart.

Outdoor Area Lights

A fixture is capable of being both Power and CCT selectable. For example, some outdoor area lights will only have the power adjusting ability, while others will only have the CCT adjustability. You must choose what is suitable for you and your space!

Outdoor spaces are one application where efficiency is usually prioritized over color temperature. Now that we’ve discussed the types of outdoor lighting and how they work, let’s get into some LITELUME™ products!

Lighting Options From LITELUME™

Lite Lume Corporation is an American-based manufacturer of commercial/industrial LED lighting fixtures. They offer quality, cost-effective options for your home’s lighting needs. With some of the best warranty coverage on the market, you must check out their outdoor area lights!

LED-Wall Mount Luminaire

The LITELUME™ Wallmount luminaire (LL–WML) features a rugged aluminum housing with advanced thermal management. This light is a UV-resistant type 3 secondary optic with a high-performing LED. This light type is suitable for commercial locations and your outdoor area.

Area Light All-Purpose

The LITELUME™ Area Light All-Purpose (LL-ALAP) features an all-new one-piece extruded aluminum design with exceptional corrosion protection and secondary UV-resistant polycarbonate optics. This light is aesthetically pleasing to any application with its well-defined construction.

Time to Get Shopping

It’s no secret that LITELUME™ creates some of the best lighting options on the market. Want in on that action? You deserve to have outdoor area lights that are beautiful, powerful, and cost-effective.

If you’re ready to upgrade your space, contact LITELUME™ now!

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