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What Are Wall Pack Lights and Where Are They Used?

By 2024 the LED lighting market is estimated to be worth roughly $112 billion. With such a rapidly growing market, how efficient are exterior lights?

Many people are unfamiliar with the term ‘wall pack lights‘ and some people have never heard of them before.

If you haven’t then don’t worry because in a moment we’re going to cover where people use them and give you information about the different lighting options out there.

Once you begin to learn about why these lights are important, you may start to notice that a lot of buildings and properties near you already use these lights.

So to learn what wall pack lights are and how they can benefit you, read on.

What Are Wall Pack Lights?

We know that wall pack lights are both confusing and alien to some people. So to give you a clear picture of what wall pack lights are, let’s give you a definition.

Wall pack lights are lights that are fixed to a building’s exterior and they are normally on a wall that faces outwards from a building.

These lights help to create visibility in outdoor areas and spaces.

Wall pack lights are not necessarily mounted to one specific height. Some buildings have these lights mounted at the top of the building, and others have them mounted further down.

It all depends on what’s appropriate for a particular building and the area that they would like the light to cover.

Where Are They Used?

As we’ve mentioned before, wall pack lights are mainly used in areas that need to be illuminated. However, people use them around their business buildings and in other places too.

One of the most common places you can expect to see this light is on a construction site. Construction sites need to be well lit particularly when heavy machinery and vehicles are traveling throughout an area.

Another place where wall pack lights can be found is in garages where there are car parks. This can include car parks beside a shopping mall, hospitals and near large workplaces.

Aside from garages, these lights get used in both underground and surface-level tunnels.

Different Kinds of Wall Pack Lighting

It is worth noting that not every wall light is the same. The kind of job each wall pack light needs to do will depend on the size and type of light that is needed.

The quantity of these lights can vary and you can buy a 2 pack of outdoor wall lights, it all depends on your needs. Lights are also available for specific locations, for example, you can get residential wall pack lighting.

Getting an atomi smart wifi wall light or a sconce 2-pack is another option, they can be helpful if you are looking for smart lighting.

1.) High-Pressure Sodium Light

High-pressure sodium lights are normally cheaper than other lights because of their energy efficiency qualities. However, they don’t do the greatest job at keeping areas well lit.

They are normally used in places that need to have a large area well lit. This can include places like warehouses, construction areas, and large car parks directly beside recreational buildings.

Another downside to high-pressure sodium lights is that they can take a while to heat up. So if you need them to be fully functioning quickly, they probably aren’t the best choice for you.

2.) Fluorescent Light

This kind of lighting can be a bit of a double-edged sword. On one hand, these lights are reasonably cost-efficient and also energy efficient.

On the other hand, there is always a risk with them in terms of the amount of mercury that they can contain. This means that anyone close to these lights regularly should be careful.

Also, depending on the waste procedures for lighting in your area, they can be tricky to dispose of.

3.) Sodium Vapor Light

A lot of wall pack lights contain sodium vapor light. While they can be beneficial and they give off a good array of light, they aren’t necessarily the best lights to use.

Typically sodium vapor lights are easy to identify because they give off a deep yellow glow that shines throughout an area.

While not everyone is a fan of these lights, they aren’t the worst lights on this list. Although you should be aware that they can be expensive to run.

Over time, this can run up your bills, and there are much cheaper options out there. If you have a large area that requires multiple wall pack lights then you should consider the cost of sodium vapor lights.

4.) LED Wall Pack Lights

If you were to ask us what the number one choice for wall pack lighting is, it would be LED wall pack lighting. Primarily because LED wall pack lights have good all-around advantages to them.

Not only do they radiate highly visible light, but they are also fairly cheap in comparison to some of the other lighting options available. People find them to be reliable and easy to replace if anything unexpected does happen to them.

Plus they are easy to dispose of and they don’t have stressful disposal procedures, unlike fluorescent lighting.

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