LED exit emergency light combo fixture

What Is an LED Exit Emergency Light Combo Light Fixture?

You’ve seen them so often that you probably don’t notice them. After all, what are the chances you’ll ever need to see them?

And yet, exit signs play a vital role for all sorts of buildings. Although we rarely think about it, emergencies can strike at any moment. In those situations, you must know how to exit the building.

That’s why an exit emergency light combo is so critical. In an emergency like a fire, people’s visibility often becomes impaired. Other times, the power could go out in a building, making an LED exit emergency sign incredibly helpful.

But, not all exit sign emergency combos are created equal. Check out LITELUME‘s complete guide to LED exit-emergency combo lights and keep your building safe!

Defining an Exit Emergency Light Combo

So, how exactly does an exit sign create a “combo?” The answer lies in the contrast between the sign and the text.

As you’ve probably seen, most exit signs are straightforward. The majority in the US have plain, rectangular shapes and one word: “Exit.”

Sometimes, you may see exit signs with two words, one in English and the other in Spanish. Most of the time, these signs exist in heavily bilingual communities.

Some of the most common exit emergency light combos are black or white signs with red or green text. These combos follow the most basic levels of color contrast, allowing people to see them from almost anywhere.

Choosing a Light Source

As with other lights, you have several options when choosing a light source for exit signs. Older models often run on incandescent light bulbs. These bulbs remain popular because of their glow’s vivid appearance.

However, incandescent options are often the least cost-effective bulbs on the market. Incandescent lights cost much more to operate than other alternatives.

Moreover, these older light bulbs have a short lifespan. Incandescent lights run between 750 and 2000 hours. If you divide these by the number of hours in a day, this means the maximum run-time for many incandescent light bulbs would be 83 24-hour days.

Since most exit signs run at all hours, you’d likely have to replace these light bulbs multiple times throughout the year. They’re also significantly less energy-efficient.

These light bulbs require far more electricity to generate sufficient illumination. These factors make incandescent light bulbs look terrible compared to an LED exit emergency sign.

Some LED exit signs can last for up to 25 years! As a result, you won’t have to change them as frequently, thereby saving you money.

LED lights also require less electricity for their illumination. This feature makes them more energy-efficient and cost-effective for businesses.

For these reasons, LED exit emergency signs are ideal for businesses. They’re low-maintenance solutions that can last for several years.

Aesthetics of Exit Emergency Light Combos

We mentioned before that there are different color options for exit signs. Traditionally, these include black and white backgrounds. The text options are most often green and red.

Although the primary purpose of an exit sign is to protect people in emergencies, let’s face it. Most places don’t have emergencies every day.

So, when you choose your exit emergency light combo, consider the aesthetics of your choice. After all, these signs will be a part of your building décor. The color scheme and lighting can play into the atmosphere of your room.

Don’t believe us? Think carefully for a minute. Have you ever been in a dark building where the only light came from the exit sign?

If so, you may have felt a little creeped out. After all, an eerie red glow can give an ominous vibe.

It’s well-established in psychological studies that colors have an effect on people’s perception. Warm colors often excite, while cool colors help mellow people.

Think about ways to incorporate your color combo with these principles in mind. For example, let’s say you run an edgy nightclub. There’s probably a lot of dim lighting in the building.

Black background with red LED text could play into this ambiance. However, if you run a public library, white background with green text may be more appropriate.

Green is a cool color that helps people mellow and concentrate. Likewise, a white background can blend in with other cool colors seamlessly.

Remember Government Standards

As you can see, there are several reasons to include emergency exit signs. Their visible color combinations make them excellent resources in emergencies.

Likewise, exit signs can even play a role in your aesthetics. These factors serve as ample reason to install a visible exit sign.

But, in case that wasn’t enough, here’s a final consideration. The federal government requires public buildings to meet certain codes on their exit signage.

These codes vary depending on the type and purpose of each building. Likewise, different levels of government may become involved in regulatory oversight.

What does this mean in practice? If you run a small business with one location, your local government would become responsible for ensuring compliance. A federal government building would face inspections from federal representatives.

Regardless of which government branch oversees your compliance, all take it seriously. So, it’s imperative that your building take care of its exit signage. Neglecting them could bring severe consequences for your organization.

Find the LED Exit Emergency Combo Lights You Need, Today!

An exit emergency light combo is of critical importance for every building. So, spend some time figuring out what combo and design work best for your purposes.

Once you figure this out, you can choose the light source for your sign! As mentioned before, LED exit emergency signs are often the best choice.

At LITELUME, We have several LED solutions that work for exit lights and signs. If you’re in the market for these bulbs, check out our inventory today.

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