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5 Most Common New Home Construction Light Fixtures

Building a new home comes with a myriad of decisions. You may be forgetting one of the most critical parts of a new home: the lighting! Whether you’re building for yourself or to wow a potential home buyer, a well-crafted lighting plan can go a long way in making your home shine.

New Home Construction: Supply Chain Issues

Before getting into the fun part of the light fixture talk, we must mention how the cost of building a house has increased due to recent supply chain issues during the COVID-19 crisis.

Many home builders and construction companies are currently at total capacity or dealing with an unprecedented increase in prices of lumber and other supplies. Tensions are running high, but this doesn’t have to get in the way of you building the home of your dreams.

Remember: You may need an even higher level of patience than usual. Everyone in the process is working their hardest to ensure smooth operations, even with all the uncertainty of the future.

Why is New Home Lighting Important?

We recognize that we may be a little biased as one of America’s top lighting industry experts, but we believe that showstopping lighting takes new-build homes from simply good enough to stellar. While determining the amount of light a new space requires can be a personal preference, you can’t overlook the importance of light.

Thoughtfully placed lighting transforms spaces and shows off new home features elegantly. Some additional ways lighting fixtures affect an area are:

  • Lighting can Make a Space Welcoming: while offices spaces need more intense light to increase productivity, home lighting should encourage relaxation with more mellow, dimmable light. The moment you walk into the house, you should have one thought at the forefront of your mind: welcome home.
  • Mimic Outdoor Lighting: natural lighting win at making a house a home, which is why prospective home buyers name natural lighting among their top criteria. Sunlight is good for our health, boosts our moods, and gives plenty of plant growth opportunities. If you are low on windows, you may need more daylight mimicking lighting in the home than usual. Supplement natural lighting with neutral LED bulbs to simulate sunlight.
  • Flexibility and Control: what type of lighting you prefer is likely affected by your mood, and tasks you need to complete are not always plannable. Using adjustable LEDs makes spontaneous lighting changes a breeze.

Lighting is the most versatile way to transform a space for very little money. Speaking of money, energy efficiency in a new home is a great selling point for future homeowners, and it’s great for the planet and good for your wallet. LEDs are known for being environmentally friendly and lasting a long time.

Watch out: Don’t sleep on lighting design just because it’s all too easy to take it for granted.

5 Things You Need to Consider with New Home Light Fixtures

  1. Ceiling Height

A lot of light can be lost when you have an exceptionally high ceiling, and on the flip side, a low ceiling may give you ideal cottage core vibes that can be destroyed with the addition of too bright lighting.

  1. Space Plan

Imagine yourself walking into the home as the new owners, whether that’s you or not. Where do you need more lighting? Are there places where you can imagine a cleverly placed side table and lamp?

  1. Think Outside the Box

Downlights are not the only way to light up a space. Remember, wall sconces can create a more significant amount of ambiance and prevent those ominous shadows.

  1. Wall Paint

Did you decide to cover the walls with on-trend cooler tones? Then it may be wise to use warmer LEDs to create a warm glow. Ensure whatever lighting choices you make interact harmoniously with other design elements.

  1. Stairs

Even if you bolt up and down the stairs with a spring in your step, negotiating dark spaces can be a challenge. Enclosed areas like staircases can benefit from vanity lights as a decorative element and safety bonus.

Bonus: Go Beyond the Minimum

One of the downsides of buying a newly constructed home is that many on the market stick to minimum lighting code requirements. Instead, create a luxurious feel by going above and beyond the requirements. Buyers will feel attracted to the attention to detail.

The Most Common New Home Construction Light Fixtures

Vanity Lights

LED vanity lights are designed to be mounted above the bathroom vanity. They are considered task lighting and need to be combined with bathroom ceiling lights to illuminate a room entirely. LITELUME’s Vanity Marina Series gives any hallway or bathroom a vintage edge thanks to dark bronze and antique brass finishes.

Wall Sconces

Wall scones are a wall lighting fixture that heralds back to pre-modern ages. We’ve replaced candles and torches with chic LEDs, but that doesn’t mean we lose out on ambiance. LITELUME’s Sconce Prosper Elite is your go-to with cold-rolled steel housing in either sleek satin nickel or oil-rubbed bronze if you are after a low-profile design.

Ceiling Lights

Ranging from hanging ceiling lights to chandeliers and pendants, the possibilities with ceiling lights are genuinely endless. Our suggestion for combining fresh designs with superior lighting is the LITELUME Ceiling Lite Air.


LED downlights are here to uplift your lighting design. A recessed downlight is directly installed into the ceiling, wall, or any other surface, and its hidden nature makes the light the main event rather than the design. LITELUME’s LED Recessed Adjustalume Series is designed for retrofit or new construction with spring-action housing clamps for easy installation.

Post Top Lights

Lighting the inside of the new home isn’t all you have to think about. Post top light fixtures are used in roadway and street lighting as well as area and walkway lighting. Give the outside some historical flair with the LITELUME Led Post Top Acorn.


We are an American-based manufacturer of commercial and industrial LED lighting fixtures with over 25 years of experience. Get in touch to see how we can transform your lighting design with our high-quality and diverse product portfolio.

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