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LITELUME Product Highlight: LED Ceiling Light Fixtures

The right ceiling light completes every room. LITELUME is proud to launch an all-new LED ceiling light fixtures portfolio as an addition to an already impressive range of products. With over 25 years of experience in the LED lighting industry, this product range expansion helps LITELUME continue striving for innovation while producing the highest quality available on the market. Read on for an exploration of the new product offering.

What are LEDs?

Before we dive into the world of LED ceiling light manufacturer LITELUME’s new products, let’s take a brief moment to explore what LEDs are. As experts in all things lighting, we can sometimes take knowledge of different light sources for granted.

These light-emitting diodes are made up of semiconductor materials. This material allows energy to flow in one direction only, and when that energy flows, it uses up small amounts of its power while also emitting light. Pretty nifty, huh?

The Benefits of LED Lights

There are various advantages to LED lighting, but the main three are:

  • Long Lifespan: Gone are the days of constantly climbing on a ladder to replace bulbs in ceiling light fixtures. LEDs do not burn out, unlike incandescent or fluorescent lighting. Instead, they experience lumen deprecation where the LED dims. LEDs can offer your home up to 50,000 hours of illumination compared to only a maximum of 2,000 hours for an incandescent light bulb.
  • Maximum Energy Efficiency: LEDs use up to 90% less energy than their lighting counterparts. The average American household can save up to $225 a year in energy costs by switching to LED lighting.
  • Environmental Benefits: A combination of energy efficiency and a long lifespan makes it one of the greenest ways to light our homes.

These are just some of the reasons LIGHTLUME became an LED light fixture manufacturer. Who would have thought that the invention of the humble light bulb would lead to the critical scientific development of the light-emitting diode (LED)?

What is a Ceiling Light Fixture?

Most modern households feature some form of ceiling light fixture in every room. Even if you are more of a fan of indirect lighting, the possibilities of making a statement with modern ceiling light fixtures are endless.

Drumroll, please, for your ceiling light feature options and an introduction to LITELUME’s new offering!

#1 Flush (and Semi-Flush) Mount Ceiling Lights

Flush mount ceiling lights sit ‘flush’ up against the ceiling and light your space from above. The lack of space between the ceiling and the light source makes them ideal for rooms with lower ceilings. Any exceptionally tall members of your family will thank you for the greater ceiling clearance. LED flush mount lighting is discreet and keeps the attention on other areas of your interior design.

LITELUME Offering: The LITELUME Ceiling Now gives a soft yet modern aesthetic to any room. Choose from the die-formed cold-rolled steel housing in either satin nickel or oil-rubbed bronze. Four different sizes and wattages offer the perfect range of choices no matter your lighting needs.

The flush mount’s cousin is the semi-flush mount ceiling light. It is distinguishable by leaving a gap between the ceiling and the light source, and this gap bathes the room in ambient light.

#2 Pendant Lights

Pendant lights constitute a light source, the pendant, and a way of suspending it from the ceiling. Traditionally, you’ll find them as a feature in the middle of rooms to provide the most expansive cast of light. Some more modern approaches feature pendant lights suspended above desks or dining tables.

LITELUME Offering: Ever versatile LITELUME Ceiling Lite Air can be mounted flush against your ceiling or suspended as a chic, modern pendant light. The ceiling light features a die-formed cold-rolled steel housing with an inner and outer shade. It is available in a diameter of either 17.5 inches 20.8 inches with two different wattages.

#3 Suspended Lights

Suspended lighting offers a light and airy alternative to the more traditional pendant light. Suspended LED lights are especially well suited to high ceilings. Imagine the dramatic effect you can create with light and shadows when suspending light in an atrium. It truly has that wow effect.

LITELUME Offering: Once again available as a flush ceiling mount or a more dramatic up to 6 feet suspension mount, the LITELUME Ceiling Round Glo is the perfect light for your hospitality and entertainment needs. Choose between a 15-inch and 19-inch diameter for the ideal feature lighting piece. Ceiling Round Glo features a high-quality die-formed cold-rolled steel housing in brushed aluminum with optional oil rubbed bronze and has a diffused glass lens creating a soft light.

#4 LED Downlights by LITELUME

If a recessed downlight is more in line with the vibe you’re going with, LITELUME also has plenty of options in this category. Recessed lighting is installed in your ceiling, making it even more discreet than flush lighting.

Remember: you need to choose recessed downlights that match your access and the space available to avoid problems during installation. If you’re working with unfinished walls, you can use new construction lights. If you’re installing recessed lights on a finished surface, remodel fixtures are your best bet, as you can install them from the finished side of the wall or ceiling.

Luckily for you, the LITELUME LED Recessed Adjustalume Series is a downlight luminaire designed for retrofit or new construction.

What Type of Ceiling Light is Best?

Deciding on the best type of ceiling light for your space can feel like a minefield of choices. Some things you need to consider are:

  • Ceiling Height: the higher your ceiling, the more you can play with drop depth on pendants and chandeliers.
  • Styling: is your home a more modern interior aesthetic, or do you take some inspiration from ye olden days?
  • Lighting Needs: you need to consider what the space is being used for and how this affects the level of lighting required.

LITETLUME’s Warranty

At LITELUME, we fully trust our LED lighting fixtures, which is why we offer a limited 10-year warranty on our products.

Contact us today to discover how we can help transform the lighting in your space, one LED bulb at a time. Our friendly team of advisors is looking forward to hearing from you.

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