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9 Reasons Why Electricians and General Contractors Prefer LED Lighting

Next time you’re at a bar, the conversation may turn to what your witty, conversational partner does for a living. You may discover that they are an electrician or contractor. How delightful! You can finally ask them the question burning on your lips: do you prefer LED lighting products?

But don’t worry, if you never find yourself in a situation where you can ask about this game-changer of the lighting industry, read on to discover why electricians and contractors prefer light-emitting diodes, LEDs (and why it’s high time you switch to LEDs).

#1 LEDs are Cost Saving Alternatives

We won’t linger on reason number one for very long. It’s a well-known fact that LEDs can save you a pretty penny. If you knew you could light up your entire home with the same amount of lighting you’ve grown used to for less money, you’d jump at the chance.

Lighting homes contributes to as much as 15% of the average home’s electricity usage, and the average household saves about $225 in energy costs a year when making the switch. That’s ten movie tickets and popcorn costs paid for by switching over.

Did you know? The popularity of LED lighting is making them more affordable than ever. LIGHTLUME has attractive LED indoor lighting to suit any budget and style.

#2 LEDs are Environmentally Friendly

The environmental benefits of LED lightbulbs are a knock-on effect of LED bulbs using up to 90% less energy than standard bulbs. Less energy means that fewer greenhouse gas emissions are produced, which dramatically impacts global warming.

If everyone in the world replaced one of their bulbs with an LED bulb, the energy saved could light 2 million homes for a year.

#3 LED Lighting and Government Rebate Programs

Here’s something you won’t know about unless you’re a lighting industry insider. The government is pretty invested in saving businesses money and making their lighting more sustainable. There are different federal, state, and local government incentives to encourage electricians, contractors, and companies to invest in energy-efficient lighting.

The incentives on offer help a business offset the costs of having LED systems installed. That means the initial investment has less of an impact, making the long-term savings a no-brainer. Retrofit to your heart’s content.

#4 LITELUME Warranties on LEDs

Companies like LED-expert LITELUME believe in their products so much that they offer a limited 10-year warranty for LITELUME LED lighting fixtures. Do you remember where you were ten years ago? Your life was likely looking very different, but LIFELUME believes their bulbs will be free of defects in workmanship for either ten years or 50,000 hours.

Competitive warranties like this one give electricians and contractors peace of mind when installing LED light fixtures. With a guarantee in place, they know the product can be trusted for long-term use.

#5 LEDs Offer Improved Safety

Safety is rarely talked about when it comes to lightbulbs. We trust that electricity needs to be respected but can be used safely in our homes. However, the fact that incandescent light bulbs heat up makes them a greater safety risk. LEDs emit very little heat in comparison, making them safe in the event of grazing against them and circumvents fire risks.

Additionally, since many LEDs operate on very low voltages, they are suitable and safe for outdoor use. If a property has enviable ocean views, it may need specialist LEDs if the ground level of the property is in a flood zone.

EXPLOSION proof: industrial facilities with high humidity and greater temperatures require a little something extra to prevent hazards. Thankfully, LIGHTLUME has a range of explosion-proof LEDs specifically for these environments.

#6 LEDs and Color Rendering Index (CRI)

The color rendering index is a scale that rates how accurately an artificial light source displays color. Light sources with a high CRI are most desirable for color-critical areas like make-up application, art restoration, and hospital and museum settings.

Most LED lightbulbs have a CRI of 80-90, making them a very natural, accurate light source for all your needs.

Remember: a high CRI is often associated with harsh lighting due to unrelenting fluorescent lighting, but it’s essential to consider the number of lumens output and the temperature of the light source for an accurate idea of how light will feel in your home.

#7 LEDs are Small

In a world where bigger is often considered better, the humble LED is here to prove that it can pack a punch despite the diminutive size. Their small size makes them applicable to a wide variety of lighting projects. Do you want an LED ceiling light that sits flush against your ceiling and becomes virtually undetectable? Bingo, LITELUME has the perfect solutions for you in various styles, shapes, and finishes.

#8 LEDs and Frequent Switching

Have you ever been around a curious kid who wants to flick the light switch in the kitchen on and off (and on) again (and again)? We can’t make that experience any less annoying, but frequent switching does not shorten LED lifespan. Little Timmy may also get a lot of joy out of the fact that LEDs turn on and off instantly. There’s no warm-up period like in the metal halide lamps of the past, meaning you can get the light you need right when you need it.

#9 LEDs and Cold Temperatures

There’s a slight myth going around that says LEDs do not work well in cold climates. Thankfully, LEDs thrive in cold environments. If you live in colder weather, you know how essential it is for your outdoor lighting to be as reliable as possible. You do not want to be frantically waiting for your hazardous location lamps to turn on when you’re in danger of falling on your face.

Bonus: Just because LEDs are especially well-known for thriving in cold climates does not mean they don’t perform exceptionally well in hot, hazardous locations.


At LITELUME, we use our 25 plus years of experience as a commercial and industrial LED lighting fixture manufacturer to advise you on the very best lighting solutions.

Are you an electrician or contractor in need? Get in touch to see how we can transform your lighting with our high-quality and diverse product portfolio.






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