6 Most Important Outdoor Light Fixtures for Commercial Properties

Commercial property with ample lighting
Commercial properties have a TON of lighting…

Are you in the market for more lighting for the outside of your commercial property? Maybe you have a lighting project coming up, but regardless of your circumstance, you want to ensure safety and security for your tenants/staff at all hours of the morning and night. To accomplish this, you need to prioritize installing more outdoor light fixtures.

Most business owners’ minds immediately go to parking lot light fixtures, but that isn’t the only place you need outdoor lighting. It’s always best to provide ample lighting around the entirety of your building and property.

See below for LITELUME’s in-depth guide highlighting the importance of replacing your fixtures, the benefits of them, and the most common outdoor fixtures to invest in!

Old outdoor light fixture
Got old light fixtures? LITELUME manufactures some of the best LED fixtures on the market.

Why Update or Replace Commercial Lighting Fixtures?

Perhaps you feel as if your current outdoor commercial lighting fixtures aren’t getting the job done. If so, then it’s time to update/replace them.

In doing so, you can allow yourself to invest in LED lighting fixtures. That doesn’t automatically mean you have to install a brand-new mounting. You might be able to simply switch out your old lights for new LED ones. Here are a few of the major benefits of doing so.

1. Increases Accessibility

Have you received complaints before about the dimness of your company’s current exterior lights? 

Contrary to popular belief, outdoor commercial lights aren’t just for safety purposes. They are also the only way to ensure accessibility for your company during the nighttime hours.

New LED outdoor lighting fixtures will help your employees and customers find the entrances to your buildings easier. Believe it or not, if the customer can’t confidently read your entrance signs from their car, it can deter them from ever stepping inside.

Security officer monitoring commercial property

2. Lighting Elevates Your Security

This is the most common cause for commercial property owners to update their outdoor lighting fixtures and for good reason.

A high amount of car break-ins occur during the night time? Why? Because the burglar is less likely to be caught in the act, ensuring them a free getaway. Unfortunately, the crime doesn’t stop there. This can also be where assaults, stick-ups, and other frightening situations can happen.

LED lighting isn’t just more efficient, it covers a wider vicinity. By upping the amount of LED fixtures on your property, you’re protecting your employees, your clients, and all others who step foot on your premises.

3. Lowers Your Energy Bill

This likely isn’t the first time you’ve been told that LED lighting is more efficient. But what does that really mean? 

A study done by the Department of Energy found that LED lighting can use at least 75-percent less energy than incandescent lighting. Not only that, but they can last up to 25 times longer. Now you understand what we mean by “efficiency”.

That kind of energy consumption can help you save tremendously on your energy bill from month to month. In fact, you could replace all of your current incandescent lighting fixtures, install even more LED lighting fixtures, and still pay less than you currently are on your monthly bill.

The Most Common Outdoor Light Fixtures

Now that you’ve seen the benefits of LED outdoor light fixtures for your commercial property, which ones should you invest in? We’ve got you covered there as well! See below for a list of the most common—and most effective—outdoor light fixtures.

LED Bollard Lights on commercial walkway
LED Bollard Lights on commercial walkway

1. Bollards

These luxurious and refined lighting fixtures usually have dimensions around 1/2 by 36″, and are used to border the sidewalk of your entrances.

LED Bollards also a great way to provide more lighting down the walkways of your property/campus and make your building light up even when the sun goes down. 

They come in many different styles, allowing you to choose your preferred aesthetic to match your company’s brand.

Vertical LED wall pack light fixture
Vertical LED wall pack light fixture

2. Wall Packs

As previously mentioned, your parking lot and loading docks aren’t the only places where outdoor lighting is needed for your property.

You need to have lighting all around the circumference of your building. Wall packs are a tremendous option for that. They light up the wall of your building, as well as the surrounding area. This type of wall lighting is ideal for gas stations, convenience stores, schools, parking garages, restaurants, liquor stores and just about any other commercial or public property you can think of.

This lighting can prevent people from trying to sneak around your building or perform illegal acts after your hours of operation.

Floodlights shining down from a tall light pole
Floodlights shining down from a tall light pole

3. Floodlights

Those projects with huge parking lots might feel overwhelmed by the thought of replacing all of your current outdoor fixtures. But who said you had to replace them with the same number of fixtures?

As previously noted, LED lighting can shine brighter than incandescent bulbs, as well as last far longer. This means more area coverage for less money, which is a home run if you ask us.

Pair those with floodlights, which can cover a great deal of your property. You can purchase fewer floodlights and have more security for your lots.

Area Lights at a plaza with a nearby park
Area Lights at a plaza with a nearby park

4. Area Lights

As their name would imply, LED area lights are great for providing light to as much area as possible (Who would have thought, right?).

When you think about outdoor lighting for a parking lot, these are likely the first fixtures that come to your mind. They’re also commonly used for streetlights. You can use them for both!

The lights are higher set, which means they can cover a larger area, reducing your fixture count dramatically.

High-Power Dusk-to-Dawn Light Manufactured by LITELUME
High-Power Dusk-to-Dawn Light Manufactured by LITELUME

5. Dusk to Dawn Lights

A big reason why you need outdoor light fixtures for your commercial property is for more security at night. Embrace that by investing in dusk to dawn lights.

These LED dusk to dawn lighting fixtures offer a powerful watt count and will save you or your client’s property a boatload on energy costs. 

As their name gives away, these lights turn on as soon as the sun starts to go down, then turn off once there’s sufficient natural light. These are great for loading docks and side entrances that you might have on your building.

LITELUME's LED Linear Light Fixtures brighten enclosed parking garages
LITELUME’s LED Linear Light Fixtures brighten enclosed parking garages

6. Parking Garage Lights

Can you guess what these lights are used for? These are very similar to area lights in that they’re higher set to cover more ground. Many of the lights that can be found in parking garages are LED Linear light fixtures.

Lights that are specifically made for parking lots prioritize visibility and accessibility, such as the ability to read parking space signs. Parking garages are used at all times of the day and every day of the week, so lighting these areas is absolutely critical.

This can help prevent accidents (such as sideswipes) on your premises, as well as the all-too-familiar guest illegally parking in a handicap space by accident.

Invest in Outdoor Light Fixtures for Your Premises

Now that you’ve seen an in-depth guide on commercial LED outdoor light fixtures, it’s time to invest in them for your commercial property.

As one of the best lighting manufacturers in the United States, LITELUME produces a wide variety of indoor and outdoor light fixtures to accommodate all of your customers’ commercial and residential electrical and lighting project needs. All of our lights come with financing options available. For electricians, contractors and lighting distributors, we provide labor warranties and can help with creating a proposal. Click here for more information about LITELUME.

LITELUME stands behind the quality of its lighting products by offering a 10-year Limited Warranty for all of our light fixtures, mounts, sensors, and more. We also offer a return policy just in case. We provide a number of Financing Options that are also available. Fill out a submit one of our Credit Applications today!

Got a project? Need to order light fixtures in bulk or resell as a distributor? LITELUME is here for all your commercial and residential property lighting needs. Contact us today at (833) 533-5863 or email us at info@litelume.com.

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