7 Smart LED Parking Garage Light Fixtures

Parking garage light fixtures
Inside a parking garage with linear ceiling lights

A light just went on in your head. 

Installing LED lights saves the environment and saves you money. LEDs last 25 times longer than incandescent bulbs, allowing businesses to save thousands of dollars every year. By 2027, the widespread use of LEDs can help the country save more than $30 billion dollars in electricity bills. 

Outside view of parking garage
Outside of a parking garage

Many people think about installing LEDs in their homes or offices, but a smart LED solution to take your commercial property to the next level by installing LED light fixtures in parking garages. LEDs are incredibly versatile, and you can use them for whatever garage space you have. 

Not convinced? LITELUME is here to highlight the seven LED lighting fixtures for garages.

Canopy Light Fixtures within a parking garage
Canopy light fixtures in a parking garage

1. LED Canopy Lights

Canopy lighting is lighting that is mounted to the ceiling or overhang. LED canopy lights are flat and small, but they can illuminate an entire 10-foot by 10-foot space. You can install them on 12-foot ceilings, and they will shine light evenly across each level of the garage.

LITELUME’s Garage Canopy Low Profile has an optical system with an anti-glare lens. You can look across space without the worry of hurting your eyes.

The light comes in 28, 42, and 65-watt options. To decrease energy usage, you can install a motion sensor that turns the light on. 

Heavy-duty lights provide constant use, day and night. You can install one near an entranceway, allowing a clear view of pedestrians and moving cars. 

Vapor tight lights in parking garage
Parking garage Vapor Tight Ceiling fixtures

2. Vapor Tight Fixtures

Vapor tight – also known as Vapor Proof lights – fixtures withstand the elements of a parking garage. They contain casings that resist moisture and dust, and you can install them firmly onto a wall or ceiling.

If your parking garage oversees an industrial site, vapor tight fixtures are a great way to increase safety. Fixtures come with die-cast housings to protect wiring from rain, fumes, and gases.

The Vaportite Linear Adjustalume Series is perfect for newer parking garages. You can change the lumen output and color of the light, illuminating spaces at dusk and dawn. The lights last for up to 100,000 hours without replacement. 

3. Ceiling Lights

There are several other kinds of LED ceiling lights you could install in a parking garage. High bay lights provide uniform light and an industrial appearance to a garage.

For a high ceiling light, you can install round high bay or UFO lights over a particular indoor space. If you want double coverage of a spot, you can install a Double Power light. These fixtures have two sets of bulbs, providing more light for a rectangular area. 

If you want recessed lighting, you can install LED recessed downlights. Cords and power sources are embedded in the ceiling, with the bulb hanging down to produce light. This keeps the fixtures from blocking the bulbs themselves. 

4. Wall Packs

Wall packs are ideal for parking garages with limited ceiling space. If you have signage that hangs down from the ceiling, you shouldn’t install lights there. Place your lights on the walls so they illuminate the signs. 

You have several options for wall packs. Small packs are compact but supply enough light for a few adjacent parking spaces. Medium packs provide more light and have more protection against the elements. 

Cutoff lights are angled fixtures. They cast up or down, projecting light onto a certain spot. They are ideal for illuminating signs or entranceways. 

For a more elegant appearance, you can select a Slimpack or Crosspack. Slimpacks have a casing with a solid divider running down the middle. Crosspacks have two horizontal and two vertical dividers, turning the light into a decorative statement. 

Linear LED Light Fixtures in a parking garage
Linear LED Light fixtures for a parking garage

5. Linear LED Tubes

When you heard about LED lights, you probably thought of linear LED tubes. Linear lights are one of the most common fixtures in parking garages, as the light tubes can fit on nearly every ceiling or wall because they are compact and easy to install.

Standard strip lights come in a variety of lengths. If you want to illuminate a row of parking spots, two or three feet can suffice. If you need light for an intersection, four or eight-foot lights provide what you need. 

You can install secondary controls to control the fixtures from afar. You can also add motion sensors and emergency battery backup. LEDs provide great emergency lighting, and battery backups allow them to work in the event of a power outage. 

6. LED Panel Fixtures

Panel fixtures are recessed or surface-mounted fixtures. They resemble a ceiling panel, but they actually contain LEDs. If you don’t want your light fixtures to stand out, panels are a good bet. 

Like vapor tight models, you can adjust the lumen output and color of LED panels. Though manufacturers design panel fixtures for new constructions, you can fit them against any ceiling. You can incorporate them into renovations, creating a more energy-efficient garage. 

If you want to place your panels in a particular spot, place them at valet drop-offs. They provide enough lighting so a driver can identify the person they are picking up and pull their car over. 

7. Induction Fixtures 

Induction fixtures are a cross between incandescent and LED bulbs. They use gas that becomes excited when electricity contacts it. The gas emits UV radiation, and the radiation becomes visible light. 

Induction fixtures are more energy-efficient than incandescent bulbs, though they are less efficient than LEDs. Some products can last as long as LEDs, but make sure you protect the fixtures from the elements. 

If you’re not ready to swap to LEDs, you can use induction fixtures. Use them as you would use incandescent bulbs. 

Smart LED Lighting Solutions 

Lead the way with smart LED lighting. A parking garage is an awkward structure, with a lot of areas that need illumination. Smart LED bulbs can help. 

Canopy lights provide constant lighting over a wide surface. Vapor tight fixtures resist the elements, while recessed ceiling lights hide obnoxious components. Wall packs free up space on the ceiling and help illuminate specific spots. 

Linear LED lights work as great emergency and long lights. Panel fixtures disguise themselves as ceiling panels. For a transition between incandescent and LED options, buy induction fixtures. 

Go to the experts on smart lighting. LITELUME is a leading LED manufacturer. Contact us today. 

If you’re more concerned with parking lot lighting, we have a Complete Parking Lot Lighting Guide that we have put together as well!


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