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How To Determine Bathroom Vanity Light Sizes

The average person spends around 30 minutes each morning getting ready for the day, making adequate lighting in the bathroom essential. There’s nothing more frustrating than squinting while you’re attempting to apply mascara or fix your hair because you don’t have enough lighting above your vanity.

Get your morning off to the right start with a properly-lit bathroom. The size of LED vanity lights you need depends on how much light you need and how big your bathroom is.

This guide will discuss how to select bathroom vanity lights that give you a well-lit bathroom.

What Is Vanity Lighting?

Vanity lighting is any light installed over your bathroom sink. They’re typically above or on either side of your mirror.

You might have a mirror or a vanity cabinet installed above your sink. Whatever option you have, the rules for bathroom vanity lights remain the same.

Vanity lighting is just one component of your bathroom’s lighting scheme. Your bathroom benefits from multiple lighting layers:

  • Task
  • Accent
  • Ambient

Sometimes under-designed or smaller bathrooms will have just one overhead light. Other bathrooms might have just vanity lighting. If given the option, vanity lighting is preferred since it can function as general and task lighting.

How Do I Figure Out What Size Vanity Light I Need?

Every bathroom is different, so the size of the vanity light needed varies. An easy rule to remember is to pick a lighting fixture that’s around three-quarters of your vanity’s width. You’ll want to center the light above the mirror.

The first step is to measure your vanity. How many inches it is will determine the limit of your vanity light’s width.

If you decide to install sconces on either side of your mirror, they shouldn’t be more than 18 inches tall. For smaller bathrooms, explore ones that are about a foot tall. We’ll talk later about how high scones should be mounted.

What Are the Vanity Light Shapes:

There are many different vanity light shapes you can choose from. Some of the most common shapes include:

  • Bar
  • Globe
  • Cage
  • Shaded
  • Tube

Which one you pick depends upon your design preferences and aesthetic.

How Many Vanity Lights Do I Need?

The type of vanity lighting you pick depends on the layout and size of your vanity. For a vanity with one sink, a pair of wall scones to go on either side of your mirror is the recommendation.

The wall scones should be installed around 60″ to 70″ from the sconce’s bottom to the floor. They should be around 28″ to 30″ apart. This lighting layout will give you the most flattering and even lighting.

If you are hanging a vanity light of your mirror, the light fixture should be around a third of the width of your mirror. It shouldn’t be any longer than the mirror’s width.

For vanities with a wider countertop or that have two sinks, you can explore a multi-light vanity fixture. They come in two, three, or four lights. The light shouldn’t be wider than the vanity cabinet.

You can also explore installing two of the same vanity lights over a double sink. You’ll get a symmetrical look with one light installed over each sink.

What Style of Vanity Lights Do I Need?

The style you select for your vanity lights depends a lot on your decor and aesthetic preferences. There are a variety of choices to choose from, including:

  • Gold vanity lights
  • Brushed nickel vanity lights
  • Black vanity lights
  • Rustic vanity lights
  • Vintage vanity lights
  • Bronze vanity lights

An old design rule was that your vanity light finishes had to match your hardware finishes. You can still do that if that’s your preference, but it’s also visually appealing to mix finishes in your bathroom.

You can pair a cool finish, like chrome, with a warm finish, such as bronze. You can also select a primary finish and pick out vanity lighting that contrasts with it.

Keep in mind that vanity lights on either side of your mirror will give you more lighting than one mounted above your mirror. Overhead lighting creates shadows which make some vanity tasks more challenging.

What Types of Light Bulbs Are There?

Vanity light bulbs are available in all types of sizes, shapes, and styles. You can select which one is best for your space.


LED light bulbs utilize highly versatile technology to create energy-efficient and long-lasting light bulbs. They also come in a variety of brightness and color temperatures so you can customize your space.

Many vanity light fixtures include integrated and permanent LED arrays. However, any candle or medium-based fixture can be modernized with LED bulbs.


Globe lights are a stylish and fun option for vanity light fixtures that have clear shades or exposed bulbs. They also look wonderful peeking out from underneath an opaque or translucent shade. Globe lights create a unique look and accent various geometric features that you might have in your bathroom.


Edison bulbs will give your bathroom a vintage and historic feel. Edison bulbs typically have a tapered shape where you can see the coiled filament inside of the bulb.

The coiled filament is a popular and attractive look, and you can find it in other styles of bulbs. This includes globe and tube-shaped light bulbs.


Incandescent light bulbs have been around for years. They’re a classic bulb that you can find in a wide range of styles and shapes. However, they’re not as energy-efficient and long-lasting as LED lights.


Halogen light bulbs are a long-lasting option for incandescent bulbs. Halogen bulbs are often used in slim vanity light fixtures. You can look at the specifications for your lighting fixture to see if a halogen bulb is required.

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