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What Are Bulkhead Lights? Bulkhead Lighting Explained

Nautical trends are hot right now in home decor. It’s time to give your home or work a refresher but new furniture or a major renovation is expensive. Try changing up your light fixtures for an easy and stylish update.

New lighting creates a fresh, appealing look in any indoor or outdoor space. And, adding more light not only brightens dull areas of your home or workspace, but they update decor to stay current with the popular looks.

Bulkhead light fixtures are practical and crafted in a timeless design. These stylish, nautical-inspired lights are durable, perfect for both outdoor walls and contemporary design trends. Read on to discover the history of the bulkhead light, the perfect locations for them, and how to add a bulkhead wall light into your decor.

What Is a Bulkhead Light?

A boat’s hull is constructed into bulkheads, the partitioned compartments that prevent the whole hull from filling with water in the case of a leak. Bulkhead light fixtures get their name from the metal cage that surrounds and protects the light glass, similar to a boat’s construction.

These boat lights were created to withstand the wet and windy conditions found on the water. Now, any light fixture that is designed with a cage is classified as a bulkhead.

The lights must cast a bright and broad illumination while hanging from overhead, off an exterior sidewall, or inside the cabin. While navigational lights are green and red, the interior and doorways are usually white and lit from oval bulkhead wall lights.

Design Trends in Lighting

The bulkhead light may be rich in marine history, but it doesn’t mean a boat is the only place these light fixtures belong. The rugged design of these caged lights has become a mainstay in the trendy architectural designs of our modern day. They provide a unique industrial element that enhances both wood finishing, concrete, and brick.

Bulkhead lights are sturdy and found in a cylinder or dome shape, hanging from the ceiling above or attached to the wall. Brass, gold, white, or black bulkhead wall lights are all popular design choices because they add a utilitarian element to contemporary design trends.

Both indoor and outdoor spaces are enhanced by the construction of these classic fixtures. They provide bright light to hallways, outdoor passageways, bathrooms, and more! Installed in a kitchen or living room will provide the dependable and bright light these busy rooms require.

LED Options for Bulkhead Lighting

While the traditional look of an incandescent light bulb may suit the caged bulkhead light design, we know that they are inefficient compared to newer technology. LED (light-emitting diodes) lights provide long-lasting light with low energy consumption. They are also much more durable than old incandescent bulbs.

LED bulbs are the preferred way to light any space nowadays. Combining the classic, caged bulb look of a bulkhead light fixture is the way to have the best of both worlds. The popularity of using bulkhead lighting designs is partly due to its ability to cast a bright and wide illumination, so using an efficient and long-lasting LED bulb will prevent you from having to remove the cage to replace your bulbs regularly.

Find Out More About LED Bulkhead Lights

LITELUME is the expert you can trust when it comes to LED lighting options. With a large indoor and outdoor selection, there is a bulkhead light that is perfect for your decor.

LED bulkheads fixtures are often UV-treated to keep their finish looking fresh in any weather condition or if exposed to the sun by a window. Reach out to a lighting expert to find out which product is right for your needs.

For more information on how you can retrofit your incandescent fixtures into efficient and long-lasting LED lights, contact LITELUME today.

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