Getting Started with LED Retrofit Lighting Kits

Getting Started with LED Retrofit Lighting Kits

Retrofitting is the process of enhancing old technology or features of an already laid downlighting system to increase efficiency and operation while saving money. In this article, we’ll layout some of the most frequently asked questions we receive from our commercial and residentially-focused customers.

What is an LED retrofit kit?

A retrofit kit is a kit designed to enable an owner to cut back on altering all lighting fixtures in a building by providing solutions that see the replacement of existing bulbs and/or the ballast of fluorescent lights and other conventional lighting fixtures. LITELUME is a manufacturer of both indoor and outdoor LED retrofit kits.

What does a retrofit kit contain?

Standard retrofit kits usually contain drivers, installation hardware like screws, and so on. You will find brackets, sockets, fasteners, reflectors built to channel light from the fixture to the required space.

When are retrofits used?

LED retrofit kits are used in situations where the structure and design of your lighting system are satisfying to the owner, but the efficiency of lights and lighting needs to be modified for a better experience.

Why Should I Retrofit my Light Fixtures?

Most of the lighting fixtures date as far back as 70 years and are less efficient with lower watt options. LED retrofit kits are made to offer the chance to boost this low lighting output, as they have vast wattage alternatives, color temperature, and so on.


Why retrofitting instead of replacing entire lighting fixtures?

Replacing entire fixtures would occasionally require drawings that are usually very costly, and unless there is a dissatisfaction with the setup of lighting fixtures, retrofitting saves between 50-70 percent in cost and is, therefore, a better option. New fixtures are expensive, and retrofit kits are a lot more cost-effective and economical. Asides from being economical, LED retrofit can help to brighten up dim spaces easily.

Do retrofits work with lighting controls and a high-voltage environment?

Yes, they do. As long as the LED driver is a high-voltage driver, while lighting control choice depends on the type of retrofit kits required or being fixed.

What is the best LED retrofit kit?

Any kit that best fits in your fixture or lighting area is the best kit for you. If there is a need for confirmation, you can get a lighting plan created by the installation company to model your space with the lights before fitting.

How do you install retrofit?

As long as you follow the installation instructions that come with them, Retrofit kits are rather easy to install. Since they are designed to replace old units in existing fixtures of light, it is easy to remove existing lamps, sockets, or ballasts as the case may be and replace them. The kits come with bulbs, lamp/heads, brackets, etc, and they normally need little wiring alterations and modifications.

How do I confirm that retrofit kits are UL certified?

Retrofit kits come with the UL classified mark on the installation instructions. You can also search on the UL certification database for confirmation. If the kits are certified as UL1598C retro kits, then you are good to go.

Retrofit kits vary per type and space but LED lighting, manufactured and certified, remains a better option than traditional lighting fixtures.



As one of the best lighting manufacturers in the United States, LITELUME produces a wide variety of outdoor and indoor retrofit light kits to accommodate all of your customers’ commercial and residential electrical and lighting project needs. All of our lights come with financing options available. For electricians, contractors and lighting distributors, we provide labor warranties and can help with creating a proposal. Click here for more information about LITELUME.

LITELUME stands behind the quality of its lighting products by offering a 10-year Limited Warranty for all of our light fixtures, mounts, sensors, and more. We also offer a return policy just in case. We provide a number of Financing Options that are also available. Fill out a submit one of our Credit Applications today!

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