How to Install New Landscape Lighting

Arguably, the top priority on almost every homeowner’s mind is increasing the beauty of our home’s architectural style, and ultimately, its curb appeal. We want to get both the interiors and exteriors glowing  the gardens, yards, and the overall outdoor environment, all looking great. One of the ways to achieve this is getting your lighting right with low voltage landscape lighting.

A significant benefit you can enjoy from installing low voltage landscape lighting is its flexibility: you are entirely in control. As such, you can constantly gradually improve on it as your budget, space, and time permits.

This article covers the steps involved in installing low-voltage landscape lighting.

How to install low voltage landscape lighting

  1. Create a plan

What areas do you intend to light? Pick out fountains, statues, your favorite trees, and other picturesque architectural elements. These areas will be the primary focus of your plan. Furthermore, think about the purpose the lighting intends to serve relative to the areas you picked out. Is it for recreation, security, or entertainment?

  1. Prepare your materials

Landscape light

Needless to say, you need the lights themselves. You can opt-in for metal or plastic housing with a wide variety of colors and effects. However, ensure that you are choosing different options for different areas. Still, ensure they all have similar light brightness and effects, whether cool or warm, to ensure uniformity.


Fundamentally, the required transformer relies solely on how many lights you are installing and their wattage requirements. Advisably, buy transformers with a larger wattage than the lights you currently have, as you might need to add more lights as time passes.

Outdoor Wiring

Typically, connections between lights may require up to the 10-gauge outdoor wire, while connecting the transformer to the first light needs 12-gauge wire. Create a rough estimate of the cables youll need by estimating the distance you intend to light.

Other equipment youll need are a wrench set, wire stripper, wire cutter, waterproof wire connectors, tent stakes, tester, voltmeter, level, a few garden supplies, and tent stakes.

  1. Install the low voltage transformer

Set up a ground-fault-circuit-interrupter and install the transformer near it. To get the best result, install the transformer on a post. However, you can always adjust the photocell to turn on when dark and off when light automatically.

Strip off about  of 1 inch of the insulation at the end of your 12 gauge wire. Then, twist the strands together and attach them to appropriate terminals. Usually, transformers feature multi-terminals for 13, 12, or 11V. So, ensure you’re using the proper terminal voltage.

  1. WiresLight connection

Using weatherproof wire connectors, connect the wires to the light. Suppose your lights feature press-on connectors; cut them off. Now, strip about half an inch of insulation to install the connectors. Use a drop of sealant to weatherproof and connect. Besides, If you haven’t straightened your pole with a level, now is the time.

  1. Let there be Light!

Before burying or securing the wire, examine every light fixture for their voltage levels using the voltmeters. Low readings equate to poor connection, or perhaps, too many lights on the transfer. Simultaneously, high reading may lead to premature burnout. The voltage should always be between 10.5 to 20V. After confirming this, you can then hide the wires.

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