Pros and Cons of Retrofit Lighting Projects – Converting to LED

When changing to energy-efficient lighting, many individuals have two key questions: Can it maintain its present fittings, or do I need to substitute an LED lighting system for all of its current lighting devices? How should they transition to lighting technology?



  1. Energy efficiency enhanced-The remarkable energy efficiency of LED technology reduces the energy use of all systems dramatically. Changing from old lighting systems to LED illumination will cut energy consumption by a minimum of 75 percent.
  2. Maintenance reduction-Up to 25 percent as much as conventional lighting may be used for LED illumination. This enhanced service life minimizes both interior and exterior light servicing requirements


The least costly approach to update lighting is by refitting with LED screw-in bulbs. For installations that require an update to match the LED technology, the update is still quite economical, and the energy savings will rapidly save. There are also rebate programs to assist the transition to LED costs.

Pros and cons of LED light fixtures


The price is similar to other alternatives for new systems that use LED light fixtures. New facilities are one thing that makes sense to install LED light fittings. Later in the essay, we will examine this.


If LED light fixtures are compared to retrofitting, costs are one of the primary areas wherein there are substantial differences. Suppose you need to replace the current lighting infrastructure. In that case, LED lighting systems might become expensive since you can also pay additional costs to hire a competent professional to finish the construction process.

How do you choose an energy-efficient lighting solution?

Both LED, and lighting retrofits provide a wide range of advantages, but how are you going to choose which choice is ideal for your project? When picking the product for your lighting solution needs, some fundamental aspects must be considered:

Is it a new building project?

If so, the two alternatives offer a straightforward answer for illumination. The redirecting is frequently necessary, but when it comes to a new project or a remodel that provides simple access to the lighting infrastructure, this isn’t a problem. The most important problem is that the LED lighting is used. Generally, LED fixtures cost more than LED upgrades, but their higher efficiency rapidly offsets the costs. Furthermore, LED devices produce a sharp and concentrated light to create stunning lighting patterns. LED fittings may provide an enormous contribution to the achievement of the energy efficiency needed by several building regulations.

In which circumstances are the current lights?

One reason customers rely on the upgrade option is that they are completely functioning in their existing fixtures. New LED devices would imply that the lighting elements that are completely usable would be removed. In this scenario, retrofitting over replacement makes sense. However, if the devices concerned are close to the end of their life, you should take LED fittings into consideration.

Is upgrading to LED right for your next project?

Although the fact that you may choose between LED and LED retrofitting devices seem complex, it has not to be! Select sure you choose a product, which reduces your energy consumption and significantly reduces expenses over many years, regardless of whatever selection you make. Shine Retrofits offers you a wide range of LED items for retrofitting and LED lighting devices.

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