20 Landscape Lighting Ideas for Residential & Commercial Real Estate

For a large number of homeowners, having a modern house that looks and feels beautiful is a major focus. So how do you brighten the outside of your home in such a way that your house looks amazing at night? Here are 20 landscape lighting ideas for any real estate property to and consider trying out or implementing in your next project:

  1. Driveway lighting: driveways can have the brick edge type of lighting with small glowing lights at the lower edges of the walls to illuminate the path as a car drives in.
  2. Walkway lighting: path lights, floodlights, and downlights can be used to enhance the curb appeal of walkways and make evening walks safer.
  3. Decks and steps lighting: Little lights fixed into the decks and steps that lead out into the yard help make it’s easier to navigate your way through in the dark.
  4. Outdoor post lighting: The taller posts stand in spaces that often get lost in the dark, while the shorter ones are placed on paths for accent
  5. In-ground lighting: often called well lights are usually hidden in the ground to promote the signature style of landscape lighting that includes the source of light not being seen while the focus is placed on the object being illuminated.
  6. Tree lighting: A string of bulbs in the tree foliage or around the tree trunk works wonders, or you could play around with having lights hanging down from the branches giving a kind of moonlight effect.
  7. Ponds and fountains: crossing beams of light will accentuate the ponds and fountains in any home, leaving no room for shadows.
  8. Pool sides and underwater lighting: Lights similar to unground lighting can be placed inside pools to give a certain mood to the pool, and string lights can be placed at the pool sides for effect.
  9. Backyards: Down and uplighting are perfect for a clean structure show.
  10. Entryways: for inviting entryways, warm hanging lights to bathe the porch is a good fit, and it’ll safely guide family and friends walking through.
  11. Garden walls: For garden walls, bullet or floodlights placed at the base of the walls gives a sharp contrast with the textures.
  12. Planting beds: Flower beds are best illuminated with lights placed a few feet apart in a way that guides the eyes from one plant to the other.
  13. Focal points: Spotlights, wash lights, bullet lights, etc. do a great job of pulling the eyes into areas that stand out, like pillars, tree swings, etc.
  14. Fence tops: Fence tops can be decorated with strings of lights similar to Christmas lights that glow in the dark.
  15. Walls and edges: Rocks with in-ground lights installed are a great fit for the base of walls, the edges can have a play of up and downlights for grazing effects.
  16. Overhang spaces and patios: For outdoor parties and dinner, a chandelier could be incorporated in overhang spaces to give an indoor feel on the outside.
  17. Sitting area lights: mini lamps can be hung or placed low in areas the family can sit around to enjoy the evening breeze.
  18. Lantern uses: The old-fashioned lanterns can be placed in strategic locations around a yard to set a warm mood and keep a certain kind of glow around the house.
  19. Areas that don’t stand out in the light: With areas that do not stand out during the day, spotlights can be used to set them apart in the dark.
  20. Sculpture enhancement: While sculptures are an attraction, night lights can be used to accentuate specific features of a sculpture, giving it a different feel at night than it has in the daytime.

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