Bathroom Vanity Light Buyer’s Guide 2021

When it comes to choosing lighting, vanity lights are always a great idea. Check out this guide for everything you need to know about purchasing vanity lights.

Are you looking to give your customers the best vanity lights for bathrooms? Or maybe you’re looking for vanity lights for DIY projects. If so, you’ve come to the right place.

Choosing lighting for your projects can be difficult, especially with all of the different options. If you’re are struggling with choosing the best vanity lights for bathrooms, you’ve come to the right place!

Keep reading for a more detailed guide!

Vanity Light Sizes

In general, vanity lights for bathrooms can be a three-light vanity. However, if you want to experiment with different light sizes then consider these four key factors:

  • Size of bathroom
  • Needed light in the bathroom
  • Multi-light vs. single-light fixture
  • Placement

For starters, if the bathroom is a half bathroom, then consider applying a singular or two-light fixture. This can open up space and make your bathroom appear bigger in size. However, if you have a relatively large bathroom, a three or four-light fixture is possible.

If the bathroom has no natural light, consider a three-light fixture if you prefer a brightly lit bathroom. But before you do this, always check the design of the bathroom. If there is a large mirror or other furniture, this could affect the placement of the vanity light.

Vanity Light Types

To get the best lighting possible, you will need three different types of light sources. These include ambient, task, and accent lighting. The placement of these lights will also be necessary.

For starters, ambient light is most commonly placed on the ceiling to light the whole bathroom. You can also place this vanity light on either side of the mirror.

However, to get an ambient light source, the fixture has to be pointing up. In addition, by adding task lighting above the mirror, you will get a perfect combo of ambient and task lighting in combination with the ambient light!

Task lighting is designed to be bright and direct. As stated previously, this light source should be placed above the mirror to create task lighting. This light source is essential for make-up application and gives a shadowless look.

This vanity lighting is also essential for brushing teeth, flossing, and other tasks- hence the name. If you want to take it a step further, add some accent lighting!

Accent lighting is excellent for balancing out all of the different light sources. The best vanity lights are always paired with accent lights because of their ability to counterbalance.

For instance, they’re able to provide a soft light while still providing a significant amount of depth and highlights to the overall bathroom lighting scheme. Lastly, this vanity is best placed on an empty wall for an added definition or next to a door or art piece.

Choosing Lighting

Choosing the right style to match your bathroom’s aesthetic is essential. There are three different types of styles to look out for, the first one being contemporary.

This kind of style can be described as sleek and stylish. The finishes of these light fixtures can be chrome, nickel, or bronze. These fixtures are mostly minimalistic but still incorporate an incredible amount of design, which adds character to any bathroom while still keeping it minimal.

The following style is traditional, seen most in earlier homes like victorian, colonial, and cottage homes. These light fixtures are widely popular because of their universal designs that include different shapes and sizes.

These designs can come in many different finishes, but the most polar is bronze because of its distinct rustic undertones. Lastly, transitional styles are a perfect mixture of traditional and contemporary. This style offers a sleek yet rustic design that is perfect for a newly renovated bathroom.

This style is great for those who want the best of both worlds! These fixtures can be seen in gold, bronze, and nickel.

Before you begin to buy vanity lights, always check your intended results and know what design you’re going for. You can look for inspiration in pictures and home design to find the best vanity lighting!

Installation tips and Estimated Time

Vanity lights for new construction projects can be hard to install. First, placement is crucial and can make or break your installation. As stated previously, you can place your fixture up or down, depending on if you want ambient or task lighting.

Secondly, place your fixture in a way that isn’t too close to the ceiling or other bathroom furniture. This will save you from odd-looking fixture placements and potentially hazardous lighting placements.

If you’re installing vanity lights for DIY projects, then always ensure you turn off the power with the power breaker. Doing electrical can lead to injury if the proper precautions arent taken!

Another tip is to carefully measure out any wires before making any cuts. This will save you from having short wiring and having to use stab-in connectors.

Lastly, take your time on your installments and don’t rush the process. A professional can safely have a light fixture done in about 15 minutes. However, these times may vary if you’re doing a home project

Light Bulbs

Light bulbs are an essential part of any vanity lights for DIY projects or professional remodeling. For starters, know what kind of color, wattage, and lumens you prefer. This can sound tricky, but it’s all up to your personal preference.

For example, if you prefer an eco-friendly and energy-saving bulb, consider an LED light ( light-emitting diodes). This light bulb will give you the best vanity lighting and save you money.

LED lightbulbs work by having low wattage but still provide excellent light without using hazardous material. These light bulbs last many years and are less prone to causing electrical fires.

Lastly, the temperature of your lightbulb is essential. Choosing between an excellent, warm, white, or yellow light source will make a massive difference in the overall color scheme.

New Bathroom Goals

Choosing lighting can be difficult but can make a huge difference in vanity lights for new construction or vanity lights for DIY projects!

But, now that you know some tricks and tips, you’ll surely wow your next customer or house guest!

So if you’re looking for vanity lights for bathrooms in your home, check out our website for a list of amazing deals!

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