Best LED Area Light Mounting Brackets – What are they?

Light Fixture mounts

Global sales of LED lights reached more than 10 billion units in 2019. As quality continues to improve and prices fall, analysts expect sales growth to be a lasting trend.

Do you need to replace your old HID parking lot lights? Or are you planning a new building or area lighting project?

You know you need LED area lights. How will you choose the right lights and mounts for the job?

Find out about the different LED area light mounting options and where to get the highest quality area lights.

Area light mounting options can be difficult to navigate
Confused about which light mount to use? You’re not alone.

Why Are There So Many Different Area Light Mounting Options?

When you start looking at options for mounting your LED area lights, you probably wonder why there are so many different types of mounts. Each type of mount has specific features that make it well-suited for certain applications. You’ll be able to find the mount that best fits your needs.

Different Head Angles

The beam angle and head angle of the area light can make one mounting option a better choice than another. The beam angle determines whether the light is focused or covers a wider area. The head angle refers to how the light fixture is oriented.

A light with a wider beam doesn’t give you more light. The light just spreads out farther. This means that a wider beam angle gives you light that isn’t as intense.

Adjusting the placement and orientation of each area light will help ensure that you have consistent lighting throughout the area you want to illuminate.

Area Light height associated with lighting area

Size of the Lighting Area

You’ll need different light mounts depending on the size and features of the area you want to light.

The Illumination Engineering Society of North America (IESNA) has established a system to describe the shape of the area that a fixture will illuminate. The beam angle and mounting of the fixture determine the shape of the light it produces. The IESNA system has five types.

For example, a Type IV distribution is semicircular. The fixtures are mounted on the sides of buildings or walls. Type IV is good for lighting the perimeter of parking lots and businesses. You can also use it on roadways if the road width is not more than 3.7 times the mounting height.

EPA Ratings to consider for light fixtures in windy locations
EPA Ratings to consider for light fixtures in windy locations

Wind Considerations and EPA Ratings

Wind and vibration can damage light poles and fixtures. LED area lights are less likely to be damaged than older types of lighting, but wind considerations are still important.

To help calculate the best type of LED area light for a particular area based on the possibility of wind damage, you have several factors to consider. The American Association of State Highway and Transportation Officials (AASHTO) publishes a wind zone map of the United States. It tells you the wind velocity for your location.

The probability of the highest wind speed occurring helps determine the design life of a mounted fixture.

All light fixtures and arms have an Effective Projected Area (EPA) value. Their EPA value lets you calculate the wind force acting on them. Adding the EPA value of the fixture and the arm must give you a total that is less than the maximum allowable rating for your wind zone. 

Knowing the EPA value and the weight of each component of the area light lets you calculate and design the proper pole. 

Straight Arm Wall Mount Bracket for Slip Fit Lights & Tenon Adaptors
Straight Arm Wall Mount Bracket for Slip Fit Lights & Tenon Adaptors

Slipfitter Mount

You can install slipfitter mounts on standard 2 3/8-inch wide lighting poles. Bolts secure them to the pole. The screws are adjustable, which gives you more positioning options.

Slipfitter mounts have adjustable heads, so you can direct the light where you need it. You can install a slipfitter mount horizontally or vertically. This gives you the option of directing the light upwards or downwards depending on your needs.

Slipfitter mounts are suitable for applications including roads, parking lots, and pathways.

Pole Tenons, Spoke Arms and Brackets Manufactured by LITELUME
Pole Tenons, Spoke Arms and Brackets Manufactured by LITELUME

Bullhorn Mount

A bullhorn mount can safely support up to four floodlights. Bullhorn mounts let you add lights to your existing poles. You frequently find bullhorn mounts in parking lots or for sports lighting.

Straight Arm Mount

A straight arm mount or direct mount has a low profile. You can bolt it directly to a square pole without using an adapter.

You can install a straight arm mount on a square pole that is at least 3.2 inches wide. If you have a round pole, you’ll need an adapter to mount it.

Straight arm mounts can hold PLT fixtures that weigh up to 110 lbs. They’re a good choice for LED retrofitting projects with square poles because the straight arm mounts are preinstalled. However, you can’t adjust them.

Large Yolk Mount Diagram by LITELUME
Large Yolk Mount Diagram by LITELUME

Yoke Mount

A yoke mount attaches to a wall or ceiling. Yoke mounts typically support shoebox lights. Common uses include parking lots and pathways as well as general site lighting. These types of mounts can also be found supporting Hazardous Location Lighting.

Trunnion Mount

Trunnion mounts are extremely versatile. They can help you in situations that need creative mounting solutions.

You can bolt a trunnion mount to a pole, arm, or wall. Trunnion mounts are most commonly associated with floodlights.

Why Use LED Lights?

For example, LED flood lights make your outdoor area brighter and safer.

You’ll save money in the long run. LED flood lights have a lifespan of up to 50,000 hours. You don’t need to replace them as often. They’re low maintenance because of their long lifespan.

The Federal Energy Management Program calculates that a commercial 2’x4′ LED luminaire is cost-effective if its price is up to $22 more than a less efficient model. Using the best available LED light will save you up to $140 over the life of the luminaire.

LED lights save energy. They don’t create toxic waste products and have a low carbon footprint.

LED flood lights don’t need any warm-up or cool down time. The light makes objects and surfaces look more realistic than other types of lighting.

You can choose lights that turn on when the sun sets and off at sunrise. You can also find floodlights with motion sensors. These options save energy, which saves you money.

Need to Buy Area Light Mounts in Bulk?

When you’re ready to buy LED area light mounts and brackets, LITELUME is ready to help. We offer the highest quality lighting products and customer service to our clients. We stand behind our products with a 10-year limited warranty.

Whether you’re looking to replace your outdated lights or need a lighting design for a new project, LITELUME’s experienced team will find the best solution for your needs. Contact us today and discover the LITELUME difference. 

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