Design & Install Low-Voltage Landscape Lighting (Step-by-Step)

This article will assist you with a brief explanation of how to plan or design and install your low voltage landscape lighting. It will take you through different stages, such as designing your layout, choosing the best and right equipment like the transformer, lighting bulbs, wire and wire connector, and how to install.

Plan your landscape lighting layout

When planning your low voltage landscape lighting installation, the first stage is to have a drawn sketch that will figure out where you want your lights to be located or installed; this will determine the number of lighting bulbs you are to use.

As should be the first step of many lighting projects, choose your lighting equipment:

Light Transformers

After designing your lighting layout, the next, which is the most expensive and important part of the process, is choosing the best transformer and determine the right number to be used to have good low voltage landscape lighting. You should take note that the position of your house’s electrical outlet will assist in getting an accurate number of transformers you will need to realize your layout.

Low Voltage Wire and Wire connector

The next is to choose the right low voltage landscape lighting wire and wire connector that is best for you and determine the right amount you will use by using a tape measure to get a rough sketch of the actual wire needed. You can also add to it to cater to shortages that may arise while installing your low-voltage landscape lighting. Then decide on your preferred wire colour. Some don’t like their low-voltage landscape lighting wire to be noticeable on the wall. So, if you are the type, you go for the best colour that matches your wall.

After this, you get your wire connector, then use this to join two short wire stands that extend from each lighting circuit to the power source. You can go for both single and double ways connectors.

You can as well get other accessories like sliding clips, electrical tape and wire strippers, and a screwdriver.

Buy Low Voltage Lighting Bulbs

The next thing to do is decide on the lighting bulbs such as sports and floodlight you are using for your low voltage landscape lighting. It is a good idea to consider using Light-emitting diode LED lights in whatever colour temperature you prefer.

After getting the above-needed items, the next to do is to start installing the low voltage landscape lighting of your choice. Here follows a brief description of how to go about it:

Low Voltage Landscape Lighting Installation Procedure (Step-by-Step)

  1. Station your lighting bulbs to your exact preferred location according to your sketched layout and slightly stuck them to the ground with their fixed stakes.
  2. Next is to use your wire stripper to strip and attach the bare wire into the landscape lighting transformer(s) slots and use your screwdriver to tighten it to the back of your transformer.
  3. Then, arrange and fix your transformer firmly as designed near to each of your electrical outlets. You can use your sliding clips, masonry bit, or screw directly to the wall.
  4. Uncoil and run your low voltage landscape wire from the transformer to the stationed bulbs, test your connection. Then switch on the transformers to test if the light works appropriately.
  5. Wrap if necessary the connectors with your electrical tape and neatly submerge your wires properly.

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