Where are Suitable Bollard Light Applications?

Outdoor lighting housed in a vertical pole at the floor area is called a bollard light. The upright pole wherein the light is housed is referred to as a bollard. It is derived from the maritime bollard, which refers to a pillar on a port or wharf where ships are tied up. Bollards are typically cylindrical and curved at the head, in line with their sailing history. On the other hand, contemporary bollard lighting can be cylindrical, rectangular, and any other fundamental vertical design for exterior housing lighting.

What are Modern Bollard Lights?

Bollard lights have gotten increasingly complicated and varied in shape and design as landscaping needs for bollard lighting have changed to offer lighting for a variety of outdoor situations. They are now available with filigree, molding, and other popular architectural ornamental features. They’ve also caught on in the marketing industry, where they’re frequently seen with advertising and logo stickers.

To shield the illumination components from the weather, they are placed toward the top of the bollard light behind such a mesh of grating. Based on the landscape design chosen for a given region, lighting can be professionally connected battery-powered or solar-powered.

Bollard light elements can be placed to illuminate a route, distribute across an area, aim directly downwards to emphasize an architectural element, or light a danger such as a slope or an edge.

Bollards can be affixed to existing buildings, such as decking or buried. A lamppost light can be bought as a whole or as a component. Vertical casings, top coverings, light grates, light installation brackets, and decking anchoring connections or grounding anchors are included in the packages.

Bollard lighting could be used to defend buildings from harm caused by collisions in order to offer security lights. Fill the cylinders underneath the lighting fixture with an impact-dampening substance like gravel. The lights, in this case, help to inform the operator of the vehicle region’s borders and, if hit, reduces the vehicle’s onward pace.

Voltage and Bollard Lights

In the United States, the voltage is usually 120 volts. The voltage in large buildings can range from 120 to 277 volts. The voltage ranges from 120 to 480 volts in commercial buildings, with several voltages being used often. Managers of business facilities must be aware of the voltage of any site where bollard lights are being put. The light fixtures must have an LED driver or ballast at the installation position that works with the line voltage. Because the voltage may be unknown at the time of purchase, most bollard lights are able to accommodate several voltages.

Bollard Lights Made of Concrete

If you require a different type of bollard light than the traditional one-piece fixture, outdoor column lights should be considered. The luminaires are meant to be mounted on top of 7-foot-diameter concrete, wood, or stone pillars. To compliment any pillar, they are available in black or bronze.

3 Creative Ways to Use Bollard Lights

These sorts of lights can provide a terrific aesthetic as well as a fantastic function:

  1. Make Pathways Shine – Inform visitors where they should go to avoid walking over to the vegetation.
  2. Sidewalks should be illuminated. Keeping folks on the sidewalk to avoid tire tracks on the flowers.
  3. Bring Natural Areas to Life. Showcase your main house’s beautiful landscape.

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